Sunday, July 12, 2020

Week 3 for Paris in July 2020

 This is mid way through our Paris in July blogging event, and also my favourite week of the event - because its the week of Bastille Day or La Qartorze Julliet. Every year I learn something new about this significant date in the life and history of the French. I believe la qartorze Julliet is such a complicated day that those of us who are not French may never know what it truly means. This year, I look forward to more insights...  and if nothing else, I'll be keen to find some patisserie pour mon pleasure! How will you be marking the occasion? please share if you're reading, watching, cooking, remembering, drinking, listening or what ever....

I've been sharing some of my favourite french music each week, and this is where my true love lies.

But the real purpose of this post is to launch Week 3 Sign in post - and I'm so looking learning more, understanding you more, and loving Paris more.

Friday, July 10, 2020

My Paris in July 2020 - hopes

Three books I'm hoping to read for Paris in July 2020. I'm not an avid reader - I'm Ok with reading as long as I'm interested enough, and I'm learning things. This years selection of reading is inspired by my personal Paris in July theme "In search of Elegance".

Flaneur is one book that when I found it I couldn't let it go. An inspiring book for Flaneurs and Paris Lovers. The subtext is - the art of wandering the streets of Paris. What could be elegant that wandering the streets of Paris. Even the prologue is elegant.
This book teachers how to wander aimlessly, how to get lost in the city. it is dedicated to those who are never sated, those incessantly amazed by the beauty of the world. Reading these pages will initiate you into Flanerie: you will learn how to transform a simple walk through the streets of Paris into an exciting and memorable experience. 

Love, Style and Life by Garance Dore is apparently a fashion A-lister, beloved by top fashion editors and arpiring fashionistas alike. I was attracted to this because it is part visual diary, part style guide, and partly an intimate look into Garance Dore's lessons in Fashion. i'm sure Paris-like elegance will forever evade me, but these something intriguing in trying to obtain it....

French Lessons: the art of living and loving well is more fiction than guide, but I think I will find some inspiration in my search for elegance. Gabrielle is the French godmother we wish we all had... and she's giving life lessons to Suzanne in style and self-esteem.

I'll revisit the theme of elegance during my own Paris in July posts, and hopefully, share my insights as I progress. For now, I like this definition from Merriam-webster
dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style

Monday, July 6, 2020

Week 2 of Paris in July 2020 - WOW!

Merci a tous!! Our first week for Paris in July has been inspirational and mind blowing, somewhat overwhelming...... this year, celebrating our 10th anniversary, we're celebrating Paris virtually - because we just cant be there..

My job as host involves several responsibilities and right now I'm apologetic. Firstly my job is to ensure you have a place to post your links, and this week I'm late. Secondly, I would like to review the past weeks contributions, and (again) I'm late on that too.. So for week 2, I'm going to pick up my game....

One thing that I want to do each week is to feature some French music... and I just love this one... I hope it brings a smile to your week:

From the posts I've had the opportunity to read and review, I'm loving the themes...

  • coffee - what is more Parisian than Coffee and Croissants!
  • maps - who hasn't taken home a souvenir map from Paris? 
  • Claris, the chicest mouse in Paris - Claris makes regular visits to this blogging event - it's nice to have her back.. 
  • Picasso postcard - an image representative of what we love of France... 
Dont worry if you haven't started yet... you can join Paris in July when ever you can. I myself, haven't got one of my posts up yet either....I have plans to get involved too.. I'll post my plans up soon. 

Please remember, when you post your link below,  can you please share the link to your actual Paris in July Post. Also, put the name of your post in the widget, so people know what to expect. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

La Premiere Semaine - Week One

Welcome to the first week of Paris in July 2020, the 10th anniversary of sharing our love of Paris, and all things French through our blogging community. There are so many ways to celebrate Paris - literature, food, wine, theatre, language, history, holidays, and of course music. Here's my first contribution to loving Paris.

This week, I invite you to share the links here to your Paris in July posts. Dont forget to share with u you intentions for the month.. it'll imspire the rest of us :)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

In anticipation ..... Paris in July is coming

Ooh, I'm getting excited.... the anticipation is growing..... my lists are being refined..... my hopes are rising

Paris in July 2020, the 10th anniversary is looking great. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up. If you are yet to sign up, please use last weeks Mr Linky widget to join the others. \As you sign up, I'm adding your links to my front page so we can easily link back to others joining the celebrations.

Thank you also, to those who have posted the button and link on your websites - the more who join, the more fun we'll have!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Paris in July - Sign in post

Paris in July is an international blogging event that brings together lovers of Paris and all things French, for a Virtual visit to Paris through literature, film, theater, art, music, food, wine and memories. Over the past 10 years, we've had return bloggers (some who have come every year!), and visiting bloggers alike, share with us memories of holidays, dreams of going one day, and long lists of reviews of this and that about Paris and France.

This year I'm dedicating my month to the search of an Elegance that is synonymous with Paris. You can dedicate your month to what ever you want. I've archived many of my previous years in my Paris in July tab here and I think you could find inspiration from some of our past events.

Below is the Mr Linky Widget for you to sign in - once you've signed in, I'll add your name and blog to the home page of my blog so you can follow each other.
then each week I'll post another Mr Linky Widget for your weekly posts to be linked in as well.
As a host I try to review and call out different bloggers in my weekly summary posts, and sometimes I get inspired to actually send gifts (although that's getting harder and harder to do internationally).

So please join me in the search for Elegance, or anything you love about Paris, and as Coco has said....

Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress - Coco Chanel

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Coming soon...... Paris in July and all things virtually french!

Very soon I will post our mr linky sign up post, and hope you will all join me in celebrating Paris in July this year.  I may also master the art of virtual sign writing and create for us an event button.... but as normal, I would welcome participation in the button domain. If you have an idea for our 10th anniversary button, please share... Im not creative in this domain... 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Paris in July..... planning

My Paris in July  this year is being dedicated to the search of elegance.  So I've started compiling my reading & viewing list... I'd welcome other suggestions..

1. Love, Style, Life... by Garance Dore.
To assist me in my search for elegance, i think this book with either win me over or convince me otherwise. Dore states..And as I’ve come to learn, “style” is about so much more than the clothes we wear. It’s the way we walk, the way we smile, the sparkle in our eyes, the way we live our lives. Style is a universal language, and it has the power to connect us..

2. Flaneur : the art of wandering the streets of Paris by FEDERICO CASTIGLIANO.
If wandering Paris isnt elegant, what is? This is apparently half fiction and half non fiction. 

3, Coco Channel the movie.. again.. its a good movie and its elegant.

4. Sabrina... the movie. My all time favourite Audrey movie set in paris..

I think for my Paris in July movie nights, I will also try and prepare somethng in the kitchen to accompany the movie..

Any other suggestions in the theme of learning more about elegance? 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mais Oui, Its on again!

Paris in July is an annual event that allows us to travel with friends to Paris and France virtually - so we just have to do it this year! the year of 'lockdowns', #stayathome, #besafe, and where almost everything has gone 'online'.

In my previous post I flagged my own doubt about hosting the event, not because I dont love Paris in July, but because life has been hectic, crammed with other activities I'm committed to, and my own energy was feeling low.

However, I have found my motivation in the quote above - when feeling like I'm drowning in 'so much to do', elegance is so far from my mind and definitely far from my sense of myself.

So lets go to Paris, virtually, in the desire for elegance! Who would like to come with me?

If you are unsure what Paris in July is, I've got a tab in my homepage with links to all the past years and participants here.
An I think this was where it all started - which makes this 10 years if im not mistaken..

Monday, April 6, 2020

New Seasons!

It appears I missed a whole season on my blog - summer just came and went.... and here we are in Autumn already. There's no way I can catch up on a season - especially the one we just left behind. Oh gosh, it's been a summer. My opening image, I think its called 'yesterday, today & tomorrow' bush, is my meditation for today...

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that this past summer in Australia has been tragic. Bushfires have destroyed so much of our precious and loved bush, many millions of our loved wildlife, so much of our heritage, and many of our communities. The smoke haze that covered our land suppressed the joy of a real Australian Summer, and many of us spent our summer indoors to avoid the heavy haze and impacts of smoke. 

It is with a sad an heavy heart that I realised, we are going to be spending much of this year indoors now. While the global pandemic known as COVID-19 has surprised health officials, it has probably scared our governments and our communities even more. Here in Australia, and many parts of the world, we're learning to live with the rules aiming at keeping us safe - distancing. I dont want to call it social distancing - because I am a firm believer in the need for socialising - especially in times like this. And, there it is, the reason I am back at my computer and 'Thyme-for-Tea'.

Only just last week I've had 2 people ask me if I was going to host Paris in July this year... and to be honest, it had barely made it to the forefront of my brain in this years planning.... but the question did make me stop and think. I found myself reflecting on why I've had a break from blogging... and its essentially about emotional energy. This is a new personal insight for me, and one I want to hold to for a moment. [side note - have any of you listened to Esther Perele's podcasts? - she speaks about 'sitting with that thought'].

Traditionally I am a new years reflector - as the year turns over, I take time to consider the year in review, and play forward to new year. This year it didn't happen. So, this new insight, didn't come to me earlier....

Over the summer period, as a volunteer with the state emergency services (which I something I do ontop of my working life)... I was deployed to assist with bush fires. I dont fight fires, but I go to the 'staging area' where fire fighters and other emergency workers congregate morning, noon, and evening. There I support these people with welfare checks, debriefing, advice, and generally care for them. My role is to ensure they have enough energy to keep going - that they are safe to keep going - and if there're not - I support them to have a rest.

Guess what? Did I do this for me??

I have not been blogging because I have had some big stuff going on. for more than 18 months, I've been leading a big (like massive) project at work. Something I'm really proud to be involved in. But I wanted to make it perfect. I wanted it to be a career changing moment for me. This project with the outcomes that blows people away. However, this high expectation on myself was unsupported by my workplace. I've been running this high expectation all by myself. [note to self - ot's been going really well and people are noticing].

This pineapple flower has appeared recently in my garden (planted from the top of a shop bought fruit), and when I discovered it, I felt a new sense of joy. I helped this thing find it's flower!

Summer was difficult. Emotionally draining.

On top of that, my second hip (first hip was replaced 3 years ago) started deteriorating. Pain started coming back into my routines. I new I would be up for more surgery. Again, I set high expectations to be physically fit for the procedure. I used whatever energy I could find over summer to focus on exercise, diet, sleep, and well-being. The surgery was 3 weeks ago, and I am already feeling an improved sense of movement, and sleep. and in the next 3 weeks I will return to work, walking and (hopefully) the gym...

So, the question remains - will I be hosting Paris in July this year?
The answer is yet to reveal itself to me - but I hope that I will find new emotional energy that will allow me to pick up the things I love in life. Paris is one of those things.... Gardening... Bush walking.... and being with my friends.

The challenge I set myself now - is to sit with the new insight that work has been very demanding. My own high expectations have been demanding. The world, and the way I relate to it (by volunteer in disasters) is also demanding.... and I need to make my own Summer - find my own time to do the new years reflection.... and find new ways of being in a world with distancing rules.

Even if we cant be social, we can see beauty in the world around us. I am so lucky to live near the ocean, lakes, bushland and mountains... places where I can witness such breathless beauty thats refreshing for the soul.