Friday, May 31, 2019

Seasonal Images

 Welcome to my garden on the eve of winter..... I enjoyed a cuppa here this afternoon as I had a chance to reflect on a big week in the city at work.... love coming come to get grounded again.
 I dont recall planting a special variety of eggplant, I think this interesting giant was a gift....

 Plenty of delicious green herbs to enjoy

 Mint is such a fresh addition to the back deck....

 This is a  more average eggplant, but producing very well...
loving eggplant on the BBQ each weekend.

I have been absent from my blog for a long while, and largely because I've been quite busy at work. My work is 2 hours from my home, and many weeks I dont get home mid week.. Therefore I love to come home, where I get to enjoy the local harbour for a stroll and drinks with friends, and then a retreat in the garden. 

In the spirit of seasonal images, I am thinking July is not that far away..... what happens in July?