Sunday, September 25, 2016

My favourite month - September

The garden is flowering, 
the bees are happy, 
the birds are digging grubs in the compost bin, 

and it's time to cook banana bread!  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Faces

I try not to take things for granted, and I try  to appreciate what I have. These past few months I have been more aware of the need to appreciate my life each day. This sunset was one of the precious moments I've had in the last week. An impromptu invite to my friends place on the lake, which lead to a fun night with some lovely guys and a chance to take in the moment.

I'm slowly coming to terms with my new 'face' (or my changing body), or more to the point learning to negotiate it differently, and instead of denying reality, I've been trying to find my new Balance. It's about not overdoing the physical activity (at least until I have more medical advice). I have loved being able to be very hard working and active, but now I'm resting a little more. So, maybe reading more..

I've recently finished Helen Garner's book of short essays, "Everywhere I Look". This was a gift from a colleague who said he thought I'd enjoy her writing. He was right. As I slowly moved through this collection, each essay had something I could relate to. I particularly loved the chapter when Helen was describing one of her favourite authors, Janet Malcom. The piece was titled 'the rapture of firsthand encounters'. I loved this statement:
She will not be read lazily. She assumes intelligence and expects you to work, to pace along with her. Her writing turns you into a better reader. There is no temptation to skim: its texture is too rich, too worldly, too surprising...

On the theme of new faces... I've been loving the Australian ABCs new short shows called "you can't ask that'. They are issues based shows that aim to demystify disadvantaged or minority groups. If you can find it online, I highly recommend it. Its been really fun, informative and personal.

I've also welcomed this new face into my life. I've  recently started a new role at work, which saw me moving into a private office. After cleansing the office of some bad vibes, and rearranging for my own work preferences, I did something I've never done before.... I bought a large piece of art. I love it....