Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vintage Fun

During January I had a wonderful visit with a long time friend at her beautifully decorated home. I admired her sense of style and grace and her many pieces of furniture and art. I dont know about you, but some people have the nack and others dont. I believe I'm in the dont categorie. My decorating style is rather ad hoc, although I work on some basic principles
  • the item means something to me - a family item, a memory from a holiday, something we made or renovated, or something someone gave me
  • preferrably it's recycled, or organic and natural
  • if not, it should be fair trade and ethical
  • I prefer natural colours, although somethings shots of bright colours get an appearance.
My friend started her decorating with the assistance of a designed, and now she shops on line, searching out wonderful vintage items. So I started searching for myself... here's some photo's and websites I have admired..
 Vintage Esky (found here)
Tall Boy (found here)

How about these beautiful items from Vintage Glamour

Check these delights from Vintage Design

Of all the websites I've been to so far, this one I'm loving the most.

I'm not in a position to purchase much right now, but I've been very tempted by some goreous table lamps here at ecochic...