Saturday, July 1, 2023

Paris in July 2023 - It's still alive!!


It's is with Great pleasure and humble gratitude that I am passing the baton this year to Emma at Words and Peace, to lead and host Paris in July 2023.  

I'm so honoured that our event has such a sincere and genuine group of followers, lovers of all things French, that together, we've found a way to keep it alive. I'm even more excited that we might see where these developments take us, as Emma will have her ways of doing things, and has already flagged with me some exciting ideas. 

For me, I have been managing some life matters that have needed some attention, and I knew if I put out a call for assistance it would be there.  I will endeavour to follow along this year, and may find a post or two in me also. 

Avez-vous un bonne voyage mes amis, et j'espere que vous decouvre beacoup des chose neuveux de la Paris! 


Monday, June 19, 2023

Paris in July 2023

 For the love of cycling

Tour Down Under 2023 - the Dutch Corner

Tour Down Under - the caravan 

Bonjour mes amis! 

The Tour de France is coming, and for those who know me, you know I love the TV footage of this huge event that takes in the sights and loves of all things French... so, Yes, it's that time of year... when I would also normally be hosting the Paris in July Blogging Event...

The Paris in July blogging event, has been a huge success of the years, largely because of you - the participants. It's always been an event that welcomes everyone who loves all things Paris and France. It's been about 

  • books & movies
  • restaurant reviews and favourite meals
  • recipes
  • theatre, film and festivals
  • travel memories 
  • favourite photos of Paris
  • wine tastings
  • itineraries for travellers
The event has been hosted here, at Thyme-for-tea, with weekly sign-in posts, weekly reviews, and a widget that supported you to link to other bloggers involved. 

This year, I'm just not sure I can maintain the level of support this event has required in the past. So I'm posting this for two reasons
  • declaring that I fear I can not honour participants with the right diligence 
  • seeking expressions of interest from anyone who would like to take on hosting the event, or co-host with me... 
I would love to hear your thoughts about how you would like to see Paris in July hosted in 2023. 


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Paris in July 2022 - memories


Paris in July botton collection since 2010

I have been inspired by several other bloggers who have posted recently about things they've posted in previous Paris in July seasons. I went back and reviewed the many different bottons we've used to celebrate Paris in July posts since 2010.  We've had a few... these have been design by me, and other co-hosts over the years,  and represent the things that we love about Paris. 

I am promising to do the final Paris in July wrap up in a few days because i am currently away on a little trip with a girlfriend. But there's a connection to this post... i have strong memories (reinforced by stories from my parents) of travelling to Paris as a child in the late 60s. My dad thinks I fell in love with Paris when I was three.. 

Today my girlfriend found a treasure in a bric a brac shop. A silk scarf we think was worn by Qantas hostesses in the 60s
Beautifully decorated with Australian native flowers.

So,  inspired by this special find today, I thought I'd share this link to music I might have heard when I was in Paris when I was three... its just a bit of fun.... 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Paris in July - Week 4 (already!)

Movies, songs, and books from all over the world and from each period of time describes Paris as the city of love. French artists like Edith Piaf, and Charles Aznavour among others, sang wonderful songs about Paris (“La Boheme”, ”Sous le ciel de Paris”…), but international singers did too. Gershwin wrote “an American in Paris” after his trip to the French capital! [direct from here]

This past week has been prolific here in Paris in July 2022! Book reviews, posts about books set in Paris, Posts about posts about Paris, films set in Paris, books by French authors in French, and more reviews of Maigret!  New insight to me, thanks to Mel U, that there are more than 75 Maigret books!  Then of course, there were several reviews about the novel 'The Martins'.

I am finding it difficult to get around to visit and read all of these posts during the week, however some I have visited have left an impression on me. 
  1. Deb @Readerbuzz -  Street Art 
  2. Karkwito - Une rue déserte et c'est comme si la ville m'était offerte
  3. Bellezza - The Martins
While I haven't had time to post, I have been engrossed in the highlight of my Paris in July experiences - the Tour de France!  I have been cheering on the Aussies, and we had a great start to this years Tour - but in the end the Europeans did superbly. But it's not over yet - even better - we have le Tour Femmes. Yep - this year they've saved the best to last - and after the boys have finished their race, the women have 8 days of racing in the same beautiful countryside. I strongly encourage women around the world to support this event, and log in to watch some.  The more we watch it, the better it is for women in cycling and female sports around the world. 

And Now - It's my duty to post this weeks Mr Linky - time to share with us your posts for week 4. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Paris in July - Week 3

What an eventful week we've just had in Paris in July! So many fantastic contributions, and some great conversations that followed, particularly about the 14th of July! I hope you had a small moment to flick through other posts, and even enjoy a piece of bread and cheese on the day of celebrations. 

As Deb Nance and I are co-hosting, you'll need to pop over to ReaderBuzz to check out Debs review of last week here. I really appreciate sharing this event because everyone has a different perspective and it's all wonderful inspiration to me. 

I've found myself quite busy with work life, so taking small moments for Paris in July has meant I needed to find bite sized things to enjoy. Here's a snap shot of something I have been reading in my coffee breaks. 


So, (je suis désolé je poste un peu tard), here's the sign in post for week 3 of Paris in July 2022. Looking forward to more great insights and learnings about all things Paris and France. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

Paris in July = Week 2


Welcome to Week 2 - this is generally a very exciting week for Paris in July - because this week we celebrate the 14th July, or Bastille Day Bastille Day or formally called La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration) and more commonly le quatorze juillet. I look forward catching a few posts dedicated to , this very french celebration. There are lots of ways to do this  - history, Food, Drinks, Novels, non-fiction, movies or other emissions, memories of visiting national monuments.... 

Keep us informed about what your thinking, loving, learning, and enjoying... 


Sunday, July 10, 2022

Paris in July Week 1 - round up

(I am trying out my French in some of these posts - and
would welcome correction from those in the know).

Who else is watching La Tour de France? My partner and I just love cycling, and have many happy memories of cycling in France - where the French are so friendly and supportive of cycling tourists. There's nothing better than being on en vacances et avoir du fromage et de la baguette pour le déjeuner après avoir traversé le pays.  In last nights stage (8) the race went through a village I have many happy memories of, Dole. We landed in Dole unexpectedly after getting lost cycling through backroads - but what a pleasure it was. We spend the afternoon in markets and resting in local cafes. The locals taught us a few more French words and a few French traditions. 

Paris in July 22 has hit the road at the same time as the Tour de France this year, and we have had overwhelming number of contributions to our blogging event this week. I know I just haven't had a chance to visit all of your posts this week, but I have visited many... 

There have been a lot of great book reviews, from Mel @The Reading Life educating us about Yiddish Paris, to Bellezza's review on a children book with a racehorse, a raven and a retriever in Paris... Mae contributed four book reviews (I think), while Marg @ the intrepid reader has posted on a novel of an American in Paris.  Co-host Deb Nance shared her thoughts on good books to read when on a road trip in France - What a great idea - and good suggestions!

Of course, Paris in July encourages bloggers to go outside the book review, and we've had a few great posts speaking about food, recipes and memories of food and beverages in French through to Stacy's great Puzzle Give-away. Emma @ Words and Peace has posted every day (I think) - and has posted on a range of topics. I really appreciated learning about the program La Grande Librairie on French TV. 

This week I wanted to give a shout out to Kwarkito who posts a photo from his life in Paris, and challenges me to read his posts in French. I have been learning french as long as Ive been hosting this blogging event, and my skills are progressing - but still reading a whole post without a dictionary is still a challenge - however, Kwarkitos' commentary's are engaging and contemporary. Worth trying to get through. 

Coming soon - Week 2 sign up post..