Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Paris in July - Week 3

What an eventful week we've just had in Paris in July! So many fantastic contributions, and some great conversations that followed, particularly about the 14th of July! I hope you had a small moment to flick through other posts, and even enjoy a piece of bread and cheese on the day of celebrations. 

As Deb Nance and I are co-hosting, you'll need to pop over to ReaderBuzz to check out Debs review of last week here. I really appreciate sharing this event because everyone has a different perspective and it's all wonderful inspiration to me. 

I've found myself quite busy with work life, so taking small moments for Paris in July has meant I needed to find bite sized things to enjoy. Here's a snap shot of something I have been reading in my coffee breaks. 


So, (je suis désolé je poste un peu tard), here's the sign in post for week 3 of Paris in July 2022. Looking forward to more great insights and learnings about all things Paris and France. 


Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

Those are sooooo cute, merci de les partager

kwarkito said...

I remember i used to read thios to daughter. This cover is like proust madeleine, for me

Lisbeth said...

They look adorable. Maybe I should try to read some children's book to improve my French. Thank you also for hosting this lovely event. So many different perspectives from bloggers.

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jaypatil18 said...

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