Sunday, July 10, 2022

Paris in July Week 1 - round up

(I am trying out my French in some of these posts - and
would welcome correction from those in the know).

Who else is watching La Tour de France? My partner and I just love cycling, and have many happy memories of cycling in France - where the French are so friendly and supportive of cycling tourists. There's nothing better than being on en vacances et avoir du fromage et de la baguette pour le déjeuner après avoir traversé le pays.  In last nights stage (8) the race went through a village I have many happy memories of, Dole. We landed in Dole unexpectedly after getting lost cycling through backroads - but what a pleasure it was. We spend the afternoon in markets and resting in local cafes. The locals taught us a few more French words and a few French traditions. 

Paris in July 22 has hit the road at the same time as the Tour de France this year, and we have had overwhelming number of contributions to our blogging event this week. I know I just haven't had a chance to visit all of your posts this week, but I have visited many... 

There have been a lot of great book reviews, from Mel @The Reading Life educating us about Yiddish Paris, to Bellezza's review on a children book with a racehorse, a raven and a retriever in Paris... Mae contributed four book reviews (I think), while Marg @ the intrepid reader has posted on a novel of an American in Paris.  Co-host Deb Nance shared her thoughts on good books to read when on a road trip in France - What a great idea - and good suggestions!

Of course, Paris in July encourages bloggers to go outside the book review, and we've had a few great posts speaking about food, recipes and memories of food and beverages in French through to Stacy's great Puzzle Give-away. Emma @ Words and Peace has posted every day (I think) - and has posted on a range of topics. I really appreciated learning about the program La Grande Librairie on French TV. 

This week I wanted to give a shout out to Kwarkito who posts a photo from his life in Paris, and challenges me to read his posts in French. I have been learning french as long as Ive been hosting this blogging event, and my skills are progressing - but still reading a whole post without a dictionary is still a challenge - however, Kwarkitos' commentary's are engaging and contemporary. Worth trying to get through. 

Coming soon - Week 2 sign up post.. 


Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

Great summary, thanks!
Yes, I'm watching Le Tour de France (on the computer, with a VPN). And sorry to say, not for the bicycle per se, but more for the landscapes. I love how the French do it, with cultural explanations each time we see (through helicopter and drone views) a castle or the like. They give the name of the place, when it was built, what's special about it, etc. Fascinating for the regions I'm not very familiar with.
Looking forward to the sign up post for week 2

Lisbeth said...

Paris in July is off to a great start. Such variety of topics on the posts. Very enjoyable.