Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's time to resurface and come out to play again...

I was walking in the garden this morning, thinking about all the beautiful flowers I have during this season, when I realised that Christmas is less that 10 days away! I was brutally awakened to just how fast this year has been flying, and then how busy I have been - so busy indeed, not to notice that Christmas is upon me - and I haven't been blogging since August!!

So what's been occupying me? Well, I finished my MBA (I hope), so I wanted to give my last assignments some good effort. I have also been incredibly busy with work, trying to get a very large project off the ground - which I'm please to say is now running with some great engagement from my  stakeholders. And, on my weekends, I've been focusing mostly on getting my garden up and functional for summer - which, as you can see above - is producing some good food for the table.

This is the flower of one of my favourite vegetables - the leek. Leeks are great for anytime of year, although sadly most of mine are now in seed - but it's a beautiful flower - so I let them go.

I love the self sown secrets in my garden - these little tommies came up in the rose garden - and they are just like little bombs of sweetness. We have to race the dog to these...

So what's happening next here at Thyme-for-tea? Well, I think summer brings with it some new adventures... 

  • bike riding - for pleasure and fitness
  • swimming - I plan to try more beach swimming this year, as I live all of 5 km from the beach!
  • gardening - for which I love and it brings me peace
  • reading - I'll tell you wants on the list in a minute
  • time with my Dog, and my partner and friends....
Here's my reading challenge - and for those who know me - its HUGE! 

The ambitious major new novel from this internationally celebrated writer, on the scale of his bestselling 1Q84. With its massive 704 pages!
 So until another day - Have a great week.