Sunday, July 28, 2013

Paris in July - Week 4 Wrap Up

Happy Birthday Baby Bookbath!
Merci Beaucoup a tous! Thank you to everyone who has been participating in 2013 Paris in July - Karen at Bookbath and I have been overwhelmed with the contributions - it's just a testimony to all things French - and how much we all enjoy all things French. This week I will endeavour to review all the posts from Sunday 21st to Sunday 28th July. Again, I'll theme all the posts and I'll randomly select a prize winner.

Before I get into the review though, I just wanted to make a word of apology - Karen and I weren't quite sure how the mr Linky would work this year - we thought we'd try to start a new mr Linky each week - but it's turned out that we're keeping the same one - and it's working well as a link to all the posts you've been putting up. If you do any more posts in Paris in July, please link it to Karens' Mr Linky. Thanks

Here's my musical contribution for this week.

The Cleaner of Charters
Alfred Jarry, a play
The husband who said mass - by the Marquis de Sade (1791)- Mel U has really gone deep into french literature with this one!
Solange by Dumas
Boot polishing virgin by Emile Zola
A year in the Merde
Tour de France- the good, bad and just plain weird
Provence cure for the broken hearted
The French for Love
The Ladies Paradise by Zola
The Paris Winter
The Tour de France Pop up Book - this little book has captured my attention - it could appeal to you if you like 'le Tour' too.
Paris by Edward Rutherfurd - this didn't end well for Bellezza, but she provides an honest review here
L'elegance du herrison - Murial Barbary (Portuguese post)
The war, the french, the nazzi's and the battle for France's greatest treasure
le Road Trip
The Blue Room - translated from french
The Enchantment
Mission to Paris
Mrs Harris goes to Paris
The Chatelet Apprentice

Movies & Music
Tais toi mon coeur
le vie en rose
Paris Je T'aime

Photo's, Places and People
Katherine Mansfield
Parc Floral
Hugh Masekala at the Jazz Festival - if you don't know Hugh Masekala - check this out - I enjoyed learning about this musician
Visiting Monet's Garden
Daily photos from Paris - Daryl posts a photo each day - they're thought provoking....
Joy visits les jardins des plantes
Joy recaps on her visit to Paris
Paris & Beyond posts photos from Paris every day - I like this one this week 
Stacey has been posting photos from France at the end of her posts - look further to see what she's sent you...
Cote d'azur (Vacation wrap up)
Memories of Paris & le Louvre (Portuguese)
Montsoreau on the Loire
Paris through my lens - daily photo's from Paris - inspiring thoughts, this week I liked this one.

Food and Recipes
Clementine in the Kitchen
The Passionate Epicure - le vie et la passion de Dodin Bouffant
Patisserie - French for Yum!

Special notes - Posts that didn't fit my themes
An Accidental Blog is giving away a copy of her book 'The summer of France' - time limited offer....
Another interesting post - Papier d'Armenie - a deodoriser
Some French Humour
Tour de France Jumper

So we have another awesome week in Paris in July, with an amazing selection of posts - across diverse fields. I'm just stunned at how each of us takes the theme in our own way, and many times our paths cross. This week I'm awarding a little prize to Esme at Chocolate and Croissants for introducing us to the pop up boook about the Tour de France. So cute! Esme, email me your address and I'll send you a little gift!

Now, there's still some days left in July - so We'll do a final wrap up by Friday 2nd August - if you post anythingbetween now & then, make a link to Karen's mr Linky... Bon Chance!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

La Baguette - Paris in July

 What is Paris without a baguette?
 You can have them plain - as is....
or with ham/Jambon.

But if you are living 'sans gluten' or gluten free, how can you cope when visiting Paris? Firstly, let me say, I am not celiac and it is my choice to live without gluten. But for many who do live with Celiac's disease, gluten free travel is really important. So, for my own sense of confidence and joy of travel, I decided to do some research about eating 'sans gluten' in Paris. Guess what ! I am not the first to think of this, and, therefore, I am going to simply make reference here to some amazingly helpful websites and other bloggers posts (why re-invent the wheel). 

For anyone who has already tralled to Paris, you will know that the typical petit dejuener/ breakfast offered in hotels is baguettes, ham, cheese, yoghurt and coffee. So if you don't want to or cant eat the baguette, breakfast is pretty un satisfying. I found that I could buy rice cakes at the local grocery store or 'carefour' and most hotels would be OK for me to have these with the ham and cheese. 

So here's some great websites and blogs... I've enjoyed visiting these spots today, and I'm all inspired to eat healthy again!
  1. Gluten Free Mom - here our host introduces us to many great Parisian cafes & restaurants that are either totally gluten free, or offer gluten free options. She has even gone to the trouble to identify some places to get the french favs like crepes!
  2. Ma vie francaise - What's a day in Paris without a cake - here Zoe shows us where to get some yummy french sweets - her photos just make your mouth water. Here, at Ma Vie Francaise, we also find a great post about gluten free grocery shopping in Paris.
  3. David Lebovitz - I follow David's blog and every time i get something in my mail box from him, my creative self is inspired. David is also the Author of 'the sweet life in Paris', and in this post he provides some great advice about eating gluten free in Paris. David also provides links and advice on where to shop for your own ingredients, how to rent an apartment so you can cook for yourself, and advises that we try ethnic restaurants for a wide range of dining options.
  4. The Hip Paris Blog - this post discovers patisseries and the photo's are sweet as.
So after I visited all these blogs, I have selected three of my 'to visits' next time...
  1. Maceo -  A fancy place for a special lunch or diner
  2. Willi's Wine Bar - linked to Maceo's but looks like a great place to meet friends.
  3. Le Reminet - Looks like another nice place to do a special diner - like the 'last night' of holidays, or a good place to meet friends. 
Please let me know if you've come across any other great 'sans gluten' cafes in Paris. There's nothing like enjoying your food when you're on holidays!
Chloe's Cakes
 Bon Sante!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paris in July - French Concertos

The month is just flying by, and I'm finding myself being totally distracted by the amazingly diverse and exciting Paris in July posts - so much so, that I'm not finding time to post my own Paris in July experiences. Today I thought I'd just post this quick one.

I'm a fan of ABC Classic FM Radio - and each week they feature a CD of the Week. This week it's French Trumpet Concerto's by Ole Edvard Antonsen. I'm really enjoying this music on my morning cruise into work. I hope you do too.

I'll post more soon - but just one more little message - this week is Baby Bookbaths Birthday - I'm sure you'll all join me wishing Karen at Bookbath and Baby Bookbath a really special week!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paris in July - Week 2 wrap up

View from Mt Ventoux
Paris in July is a joy to host and an honour to be involved in - I'm always amazed at how diverse our posts can be, yet we're all heading in the same direction - towards Paris and all things French.  Tonight I'm reviewing the weeks activities - from July 8 - 14th. I've flicked through all the posts I could find (I'm sorry we've had issues with Mr Linky over at Karen's Blog, and my own blog presence has been lacking this week), but here's a quick look what's been happening.

Book Posts
Film and Music Posts
Photo Posts
Recipe & Food Posts
History Posts
  • 14 July - Bastille Day - Vagabond provides some history
  • Nari at The Novel World is posting the A - Z of Paris, France - check out some of these...
    • Arrondissements
    • Bastille
    • Cafe
    • Degas
    • Eiffel Tower
    • Fromage
    • Godard
    • Haussman
It's difficult for me to summarise in detail each post, but I've made a recommendation of my favourite posts for your ready reference.

I wanted to award a gift to one blogger for this week and also a gift to a Bastille Day post - I've decided to wait til Wednesday to identify the Bastille Day winner, but for this week I've selected Vagabondes' post on La Piscine Molitol as very interesting, engaging and informative. Vagabonde, if you can email me (see my about me page for email) your address I'll send you a small gift.

Also, I wanted to bring everyones attention to Vagabondes' comments on my Bastille Day post - I've found this very helpful information
I wrote a comment earlier and deleted it because it only talked about the name of our national holiday “le quatorze Juillet” which is called Bastille’s Day in the Anglophone world. The storming of the Bastille in Paris was a symbolic gesture as there were only 7 common criminals in the prison then. The people were revolting against two inequalities and privileges held by the aristocracy and the clergy - this is why after the revolution so many churches were burnt and destroyed – then later on of course they were repaired by the government as they had been seized from the Church and made into national monuments. What people celebrate really is not the Bastille but what were the ramifications from this people revolution – more solidarity, more social equality – for example there is universal health care and free education starting at 3 years old, five weeks of vacation is mandatory (by law) in comparison to the country where I live, the USA, vacations are not guaranteed by law. So people keep celebrating their freedom from the aristocracy and the clergy and the laws which help them have a happy life. Thank you for taking an interest in my country, this is very kind.
Check out Paris and Beyond for the photo of the day - 14 July. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bastille Day Celebrations

Bonjour! This weekend is the French Celebration of Bastille Day. I look forward to seeing what you all do and experience for the famous occasion! Me, I will be away at a training course, so I took the opportunity to celebrate last night with friends at one of our local micro bistros - there were only 20 people in the restaurant, and it was packed!

I enjoyed my favourite french dish - salade de chevre chaud - then I tried something a little different - the steak tartare. I thought it would be too weird eating raw steak and egg, but it was actually very delicate, light and tasty. Of course a french meal with friends would be incomplete without a lovely bottle of french red, and a smooth and creamy, crispy topped brulee. I had a lovely evening, and was reminded of some wonderful meals I've shared in France over the years with great friends.

Now for a word of apology - 'je suis desole' - for my tardiness at returning messages to all you wonderful participants. It seems every time I log on to see what's happening there's another person joining our journey and some great new posts. I have been swamped with work and some of my voluntary commitments have demanded some attention at this time as well. I have been reading your blogs - love em all... I will be doing a review post this weekend - so be sure to link your comments to any one of my posts - and I will be adding the new names to my side bar soon.
For our regular visitors, you know I like to give away a prize or two - there'll be a prize for the Bastille day post that captures my attention, and another random prize for a post from this past week.

Here's something I found peaceful, interesting and very french.... let me know what you think.