Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding Time

Isn't this elegant?
It's a time piece, a watch, a gorgeous watch.....but it's more than just that for me today. I have been so distracted in recent times, that I've not have time for some things that are usually very important to me. But finally today I found myself in my garden, planting leeks and onions, and just enjoying myself. Finally finding myself in a place I really enjoy and wondering why I have been elsewhere....

The truth is that Ive been discovering new things, but when one is involved in new things, it's all about learning and challenges. It's only when you get back to your comfort place that you know you've been in a challenging place.

So what have I been doing? Lot's of training on my bike for a fund raiser we had two weeks ago ( 1 did 110km in under 4 hrs), I've been co facilitating a training program for new volunteers in a agency I volunteer with, and I was asked to do my bosses job after he resigned. All of which has forced me into new zones.... not bad places, just learning places.

So today I found some peace in the garden.... and doing some Internet shopping for watches....

Hopefully I'll be finding space for my garden, new teas in nice tea pots, and some novels in the near future.