Saturday, July 1, 2023

Paris in July 2023 - It's still alive!!


It's is with Great pleasure and humble gratitude that I am passing the baton this year to Emma at Words and Peace, to lead and host Paris in July 2023.  

I'm so honoured that our event has such a sincere and genuine group of followers, lovers of all things French, that together, we've found a way to keep it alive. I'm even more excited that we might see where these developments take us, as Emma will have her ways of doing things, and has already flagged with me some exciting ideas. 

For me, I have been managing some life matters that have needed some attention, and I knew if I put out a call for assistance it would be there.  I will endeavour to follow along this year, and may find a post or two in me also. 

Avez-vous un bonne voyage mes amis, et j'espere que vous decouvre beacoup des chose neuveux de la Paris! 


Monday, June 19, 2023

Paris in July 2023

 For the love of cycling

Tour Down Under 2023 - the Dutch Corner

Tour Down Under - the caravan 

Bonjour mes amis! 

The Tour de France is coming, and for those who know me, you know I love the TV footage of this huge event that takes in the sights and loves of all things French... so, Yes, it's that time of year... when I would also normally be hosting the Paris in July Blogging Event...

The Paris in July blogging event, has been a huge success of the years, largely because of you - the participants. It's always been an event that welcomes everyone who loves all things Paris and France. It's been about 

  • books & movies
  • restaurant reviews and favourite meals
  • recipes
  • theatre, film and festivals
  • travel memories 
  • favourite photos of Paris
  • wine tastings
  • itineraries for travellers
The event has been hosted here, at Thyme-for-tea, with weekly sign-in posts, weekly reviews, and a widget that supported you to link to other bloggers involved. 

This year, I'm just not sure I can maintain the level of support this event has required in the past. So I'm posting this for two reasons
  • declaring that I fear I can not honour participants with the right diligence 
  • seeking expressions of interest from anyone who would like to take on hosting the event, or co-host with me... 
I would love to hear your thoughts about how you would like to see Paris in July hosted in 2023.