Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Delightul Australia Bush

 The scribbly marks on gum trees
 Beautiful rough and glossy leaves
 Stunning scenes in the Blue Mountains
 Natural Features
 Rough seed pods left after the flower
I've been away for a few days with my man.. enjoying mountain bike riding, bushwalking, and resting in a beautiful cottage with a fireplace, port, cheese and chocolates. It's been a beautifully relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating few days. I feel so lucky to have these opportunities so close to me....

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ethical Relativism and other reflections

It's a mid April Sunday afternoon, and I'm sitting in my study listening to a beautiful autumn rain as it trickles down the gutters and streams down the road. I'm glad I spent some time in the garden yesterday feeding and mulching the soil, preparing it for the winter crops. This rain will wash in the compost, blood and bone and extra lime ensuring the soil PH levels will be suited to my crops this winter. I just read this post which made me feel like I was on the right track with my garden.

I am thinking I should be studying, preparing for my corporate social responsibility and ethics exam coming up - but I'm blogging instead... As this is my first trimester in this MBA, I only enrolled in one class (working full time and living life doesn't allow too much time for extra study). Still, I've found this subject particularly easy - maybe because I'm comfortable with speaking and thinking about ethical issues. But one issue that I hadn't quite prepared myself for, is that I'm a mature aged Anglo woman doing post graduate studies, in a class that's 90% international full fee paying students under the age of 35yrs. It's been fascinating. 

I've just finished a group assignment which was quite a learning experience for me - not on the content - but on the process of working with students from other cultures. I feel quite confident now on the theoretical construct of 'ethical relativism' - that is to say what is ethically right or wrong in one country may or may not be ethical in another country. I was quite surprised to  have a conversation with my small group about our case study - a matter of corporate ethics - on what I clearly saw as a contravention of Human Rights, my fellow students saw just the way it is.

Besides spending time reflecting on the study experience, I've also been enjoying the distractions - here are some of the posts I've enjoyed this week out there in blogging land...
And I'm currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, written in 2015.  I have to say that start is a little slow for me..... going to give a little bit more time.

Last weekend I went down the south coast for a friends party, and this was the early dawn view from my motel room - I just wanted to share it with someone....