Sunday, September 29, 2019

Fires & Surprises

 A couple of weeks ago we had a bushfire in the neighbourhood. This is what I could see from my back deck. We knew it was the bush growing in our swamp area. It was about 2km from our house.

On the night, the house was filled with smoke, but it wasn't too scary, I felt safe and confident it would be unlikely to come this way. Still, as a child I lived in a bushfire zone, so my auto pilot went into motion. I packed a light o'night bag, I grabbed our 'important papers' file, and the photo album we haven't scanned yet from grandmas. I made sure I had the hard drive packed, and other necessary items.

Through the evening, my friends called a few times to check if we wanted to go and stay at their place. A lovely gesture. At one stage someone had called me to check on us, and they commented "Australlia's so dry, even our swamps burn!".  Sadly, we know the fire was light by youths.

So now, a few weeks on, I'm discovering things I didn't know. The fire engulfed my favourite cycling path. I've been riding this path, almost weekly for more that 10 years. It's usually a lush green forest, filled with frogs, bird life and snakes.

 What surprised me most in the new naked landscape, is the landscape that has always been behind the greenery... I had no idea at all that the swamp came this close to the path! and I had no ideas there were sand dunes in the mist...

 an old railway line used by the mines, there are also remnants of mining equipment and infrastructure. While horrified what fire can do, and why these fires occured... I'm enjoying the new discoveries.

and watching the new green life appear....

So long live my bike path, and come forth new green growth - I look forward to seeing what the new forest will become!

And thank you to the firefighters who faught this blaze for three days. Your dedication and skills ensure no house or life was lost.