Monday, June 20, 2011

C'est ne pas loin!

Thank you to all who have signed up, to those who have posted your intentions, and to those who have joined as followers. the 1st of July is not far away now... And this week I've confirmed my place at the language school in Montpelier...... it's very exciting!!

I have a few more kilometres to do in my training program, and I have more French homework to do before I leave... so I'm a little pre-occupied. But when I get on location I'll be up to posting more frequently....promise!
Can you imagine standing in this archway?
Wondering what life was like here in the past?
Listening to the music of the streets?
What would it say to you?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paris in July - Idea's

I know when I'm in Paris when I arrive at Gare du Nord and find myself a room in one of these small hotels. Now, I know that our own Paris in July is getting close when I read what people are planning to read, watch, eat and do for the month of July. If you're look for idea's you might like to visit
  1. The Novel World
  2. Naked without books
  3. Only Orangery
  4. Rikkis Teleidoscope
  5. Gabriel Reads
  6. Kellys [former] France Blog
  7. Literary Relish
  8. Fleur Fisher in her world
  9. Flowers and Stripes
And as for the little surprise I mentioned last week, I've selected Only Orangery for her terrific selection of options. Also, I was kind of taken by her own little 'Paris in July' button. But if I was having runners up, I'd have to mention the creative post titles of Bybee at Naked without books, and Fleur Fisher. There's so much to choose from and so many options to consider, I am looking forward to the experience this year.