Sunday, May 24, 2020

Paris in July..... planning

My Paris in July  this year is being dedicated to the search of elegance.  So I've started compiling my reading & viewing list... I'd welcome other suggestions..

1. Love, Style, Life... by Garance Dore.
To assist me in my search for elegance, i think this book with either win me over or convince me otherwise. Dore states..And as I’ve come to learn, “style” is about so much more than the clothes we wear. It’s the way we walk, the way we smile, the sparkle in our eyes, the way we live our lives. Style is a universal language, and it has the power to connect us..

2. Flaneur : the art of wandering the streets of Paris by FEDERICO CASTIGLIANO.
If wandering Paris isnt elegant, what is? This is apparently half fiction and half non fiction. 

3, Coco Channel the movie.. again.. its a good movie and its elegant.

4. Sabrina... the movie. My all time favourite Audrey movie set in paris..

I think for my Paris in July movie nights, I will also try and prepare somethng in the kitchen to accompany the movie..

Any other suggestions in the theme of learning more about elegance? 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mais Oui, Its on again!

Paris in July is an annual event that allows us to travel with friends to Paris and France virtually - so we just have to do it this year! the year of 'lockdowns', #stayathome, #besafe, and where almost everything has gone 'online'.

In my previous post I flagged my own doubt about hosting the event, not because I dont love Paris in July, but because life has been hectic, crammed with other activities I'm committed to, and my own energy was feeling low.

However, I have found my motivation in the quote above - when feeling like I'm drowning in 'so much to do', elegance is so far from my mind and definitely far from my sense of myself.

So lets go to Paris, virtually, in the desire for elegance! Who would like to come with me?

If you are unsure what Paris in July is, I've got a tab in my homepage with links to all the past years and participants here.
An I think this was where it all started - which makes this 10 years if im not mistaken..