Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Paris in July - Week 1


Bienvenue a l'event de Paris en Juillet.

“A walk in Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and the point of life.”.......Thomas Jefferson

Welcome all! It's so exciting to have you all joining this month. Already I've been inspired by some of the posted ambitions. Mel U, The Reading Life, shared some of the books on their list - and I loved the idea of the Flâneuse, and I've downloaded that from Kindle. Have you been inspired by other's lists too? 

I'm hoping to discover what Thomas Jefferson says I can find.... I'm reading some history, some lighter reading, and I am looking forward to discovering more about myself on this walk through Paris. 

How will I host this event?  After this post, I will post the week start on Sunday Evenings. This post will include my summary of the weeks event, and then the Mr Linky Widget for you to post your weekly activities. Midweek, I will post my personal Paris activities. If you haven't yet signed up, I will keep adding new participants to the list on the side bar of my blog. 

Here's a fun quote I quite liked (I work in governance).... 

“How can anyone govern a nation that has 240 different kinds of cheese?”

Charles de Gaulle

Monday, June 14, 2021

Sign up to join Paris in July 2021

What does Paris mean to you? 

"Paris is alluring for so many reasons — the incredible culinary adventures you can have, its lens into history through its architecture and art museums, its walkability and world-class shopping. There is a lot to see and do in Paris and first-timers can have a hard time fitting it all in. "

Here, at Paris in July blogging central, we are connecting you with other lovers of Paris through the month long blogging event. Over the past 10 years, participants have used this event to post about new recipes, favourite holiday memories, best books on Paris, set in Paris, about Parisiennes, music from Paris, best cocktails found in Paris, favourite walks in Paris.... almost anything about Paris or France. 

We cant really go to Paris right now, but here we will share many different sides of our love of french things, and Paris. 

Below I will share the Sign up Mr Linky. The widget will allow you to share you first Paris in July post, so this is a good time for you to outline some of your hopes and dream and intentions for the event.  Then during July,  most sundays, I will post a weekly Mr Linky for you to share links to your contributions.  This means, you will be able to easily follow others in Paris in July, and share your love.  At the end of July, I will do my best to provide a summary and links.  

My intentions

  • invite some friends to offer a guest post here at Thyme-for-Tea
  • a visit to Sydney Opera House to see Le Petite Prince
  • a teen novel about love and all things Paris
  • learning more about the history of Paris
  • celebrating le quatorze juliet
  • reliving Amelie, the movie
  • trying to read more in French. 

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Launching Paris in July 2021

In 2010. when my friend Karen and I decided to come together to host a blogging experience to celebrate our love of all things French and Parisian – “Paris In July” was born. We both shared a deep interest and love of the French culture and way of life, & we wanted to create a community event to celebrate the city, the architecture and the food, wine, fashion, language, art, literature, cinema, culture and history. Little did we know then, that Paris in July would still be running in 2021.... and it was never a possibility in our minds, that we would only be visiting France virtually while the world experienced a pandemic. 

The aim of the month is, and always has been, to celebrate our French experiences through reading, watching, listening, observing, cooking and eating all things French!

There are no rules or targets in terms of how much you need to do or complete in order to be a part of this experience – just blog about anything French and you can join in! Some ideas might include;

  • reading a French themed book – fiction or non-fiction,
  • watching a French movie,
  • listening to French music,
  • cooking French food,
  • experiencing French, art, architecture and travel
  • remembering a real french holiday........

Now, launching Paris in July 2021, I'm sharing with you my collection of buttons you may use to join your posts with others.... you may also create your own. (The images I have used here have been sourced from free commons and attribution can be provided.) 

I will be adding Mr Linky next weekend, where you can sign up and share your intentions. You will note that I have created a space on my blog to keep a record of 2021 participants so you can check in on each other during the event. 

Too encourage you to start to imagine what you might contribute to Paris in July 2021, I'll share this quote....  and can anyone guess where this is from? 

All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Is it time for a virtual trip to Paris?


I think Paris smells, and not just sweet but melancholy and curious, sometimes sad but always enticing and seductive. She’s a city for all the senses, for artists and writers and musicians and dreamers, for fantasies, for long walks and wine and lovers and yes, for mysteries.” — M.J. Rose

For those of us who have memories of Paris, and even those with fantasies of visiting the magic city, July is our annual virtual trip. A time we dig deep and find things to share with our blogging friends about why we love Paris. Books, art, theatre, music, food, wine, walking in parks, poetry, films..... it doesnt matter. We will enjoy sharing the virtual and vicarious visit to Paris. 

Watch this space, as my blog gets ready to host yet another year of Paris in July.