Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Paris in July - Week 1


Bienvenue a l'event de Paris en Juillet.

“A walk in Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and the point of life.”.......Thomas Jefferson

Welcome all! It's so exciting to have you all joining this month. Already I've been inspired by some of the posted ambitions. Mel U, The Reading Life, shared some of the books on their list - and I loved the idea of the Flâneuse, and I've downloaded that from Kindle. Have you been inspired by other's lists too? 

I'm hoping to discover what Thomas Jefferson says I can find.... I'm reading some history, some lighter reading, and I am looking forward to discovering more about myself on this walk through Paris. 

How will I host this event?  After this post, I will post the week start on Sunday Evenings. This post will include my summary of the weeks event, and then the Mr Linky Widget for you to post your weekly activities. Midweek, I will post my personal Paris activities. If you haven't yet signed up, I will keep adding new participants to the list on the side bar of my blog. 

Here's a fun quote I quite liked (I work in governance).... 

“How can anyone govern a nation that has 240 different kinds of cheese?”

Charles de Gaulle


Mae Travels said...

My roll-out for Paris in July is combined with my once-a-month kitchen wrap-up post:

I'm looking forward to what everyone will be writing about. I love the idea of walking in Paris, an activity I love. I wrote about three books on the subject a few years ago:

I might repost this if a lot of people are writing about Paris walks. I've been looking at past Paris posts and I'm tempted to reuse some of my material this year.

thanks for hosting again... mae

R's Rue said...

I love the quote. I’m so excited for Paris in July.

Mel u said...

I am kind of focusing on emigrates to Paris. Through very good luck i just acquired a collection of about 20 stories by Russian Èmirgés to Paris, among them Nobel Prize Winning Ivan Bunin . I have created s special image for Russians in Paris just for fun. Last year I focused on Yiddish emigrates to Paris. I am very much looking Forward to resding The posts of my fellow psrticipsnts ,

stacybuckeye said...

Looking forward to some French fun this month :)

Audrey said...

Yes, I have! JoAnn at gulfidemusings mentioned Valerie Perrin's Fresh Water for Flowers, which sounds delightful.

Audrey said...

Sorry - that's gulfsidemusings!

Jeanie said...

I'll be bouncing around between some book notes (this week, two mysteries set in Paris) and walking tours! I love this event -- one of my favorites!

kaggsysbookishramblings said...

Just added my link to a post on some poetry about Paris! Thanks for hosting!