Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paris in July - French Concertos

The month is just flying by, and I'm finding myself being totally distracted by the amazingly diverse and exciting Paris in July posts - so much so, that I'm not finding time to post my own Paris in July experiences. Today I thought I'd just post this quick one.

I'm a fan of ABC Classic FM Radio - and each week they feature a CD of the Week. This week it's French Trumpet Concerto's by Ole Edvard Antonsen. I'm really enjoying this music on my morning cruise into work. I hope you do too.

I'll post more soon - but just one more little message - this week is Baby Bookbaths Birthday - I'm sure you'll all join me wishing Karen at Bookbath and Baby Bookbath a really special week!


Jeanie said...

I love that photo to pieces. And will listen to the musical selection as soon as I comment!

I've been having fun interspersing PIJ posts with real life. I'll miss this when it's over. Two more to come!

Teddyree said...

Happy Birthday to baby BookBath and thanks for sharing the super adorable photo!!

Wasn't sure where to link up my last Paris in July post so here it is

Louise said...

I love it when they feature French albums of the week too- actually they had some French baroque ones a few months ago that I meant to check out, thanks for reminding me.