Monday, July 25, 2022

Paris in July - Week 4 (already!)

Movies, songs, and books from all over the world and from each period of time describes Paris as the city of love. French artists like Edith Piaf, and Charles Aznavour among others, sang wonderful songs about Paris (“La Boheme”, ”Sous le ciel de Paris”…), but international singers did too. Gershwin wrote “an American in Paris” after his trip to the French capital! [direct from here]

This past week has been prolific here in Paris in July 2022! Book reviews, posts about books set in Paris, Posts about posts about Paris, films set in Paris, books by French authors in French, and more reviews of Maigret!  New insight to me, thanks to Mel U, that there are more than 75 Maigret books!  Then of course, there were several reviews about the novel 'The Martins'.

I am finding it difficult to get around to visit and read all of these posts during the week, however some I have visited have left an impression on me. 
  1. Deb @Readerbuzz -  Street Art 
  2. Karkwito - Une rue d├ęserte et c'est comme si la ville m'├ętait offerte
  3. Bellezza - The Martins
While I haven't had time to post, I have been engrossed in the highlight of my Paris in July experiences - the Tour de France!  I have been cheering on the Aussies, and we had a great start to this years Tour - but in the end the Europeans did superbly. But it's not over yet - even better - we have le Tour Femmes. Yep - this year they've saved the best to last - and after the boys have finished their race, the women have 8 days of racing in the same beautiful countryside. I strongly encourage women around the world to support this event, and log in to watch some.  The more we watch it, the better it is for women in cycling and female sports around the world. 

And Now - It's my duty to post this weeks Mr Linky - time to share with us your posts for week 4. 


Vagabonde said...

Hi Tamara - am not sure how to use your widget. But I just published my July post and it is about the 14 of July in Paris and also about the Tour de France 2022. Maybe it could be included in your list?

Lory said...

I reread Le Grand Meaulnes in French! It was great and I'm so glad for the support from Words and Peace (Discord discussion group). In my post I talk about some questions of translation - I think this book could use a better one. Interested to see what other readers think.

kwarkito said...

I like these July rendez-vous. Paris is better in august because there are so few people (only tourists). I enjoyed reading you and all the people which participate