Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Les Jardins au France

Theres something very appealing about the different gardens in France.  I would even call them romantic.. there's lots of different forms of gardens that fit the description for me....
  • The village garden set amongst the old stone fences and chicken runs with lavender and other herbs and bicycles against the walls... 

  • Formal gardens with strong hedging borders and feature fountains and ducks behind wraught iron gates .

  • Or window ledges filled with geraniums in full bloom and lamp posts with hanging baskets. 

French gardeners appear intentional and their gardens are purposeful. 

You could say the same for some Australian gardens, but it appears that in places I've travelled in France the gardens are more abundant and therefore more a part of daily life. I also reflect that many Australian vegi patches are out the back behind their fences while I recall seeing more vegi patches in the villages of France open to the street. 

During July, i came across a BBC series by Monty Don on Gardens in France. I enjoyed it so much i wanted to share it here for you too. This one is focused and the question "is tge gardener an artist?" 

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Jeanie said...

The gardens I've seen in France are enchanting and spots I'd love to spend time in. I'm also impressed with rooftop gardens and elaborate window boxes. All beautiful!