Sunday, August 9, 2020

Paris in July - 2020 - visiting Paris Virtually


2020 will forever be etched in our memories as the year we navigated life through a global pandemic. One of the things we learnt early during the pandemic was that we would be encouraged to stay home to stay safe.... and international travel went into lockdown... anyone who had plans to travel this year saw their plans changed. That's when I knew, 2020 Paris in July would be a must... we had to celebrate together everything we love of Paris. 

Paris in July is an international blogging event which was founded by my friend Karen and I in 2010. Karen hosted a blog devoted to book reviews and I was just getting into blogging, with a focus more on reflections and gardening.. Karen and I shared a love of literature, art, theatre, romance, food, wine and all things French and Parisian. Never did we envision that the blogging event would have lived for 10 years! Over the years our event changed shape, depending on who joined in and who co-hosted. I think one of my favourite years we had a couple of co-hosts, and some guests who were interviewed. Karen since retired her blog to focus on her business and family, but has always been an encouraging force behind Paris in July, and keeping me motivated. 

My motivation for blogging has been challenged over the years ( and many would know this feeling) through career changes, family developments, personal commitments, study demands, but probably most by the changing nature of blogging as facebook became the preferred form of social media. (which I did not move to). 

This year of course, Paris in July, has celebrated 10 years! I am so grateful for long term participants, along with all others,  in this celebration of Paris.
  • Mel U - our resident serious book reviewer who brings us the history of the authors also
  • Mae - who has a diverse range of Paris and French posts - from recipes, tea salons of Paris, the Metro, Maps of Paris and so much more
  • Jeanie - brings Paris to us in her art, news of Notre Dame, her favourite views of Paris, and book reviews too. 
  • Brona - book reviews from Maigret to Katherine Mansfield, Cakes in lockdown, and other good books.
  • Lisbeth - who shares some great book reviews - from the works of Paulita Kincer, murder mystery's, works by Fred Vargas, and french movies, including Coco Channel.
  • Marg - shared a post on best sellers around the world, movies and food, bookstores in Paris, and famous meals - Cassoulet.  
  • vvb32 - posted quite a lot of great book reviews of books based in Paris and France. 
  • Karen posted some book reviews on classic french themes - Collette and Irene Nemirovsky
  • Deb posted some fun posts too - amazingly, she read 50 books during Paris in July set in Paris or with a French theme and watched 13 films. 
  • Kwarkito always share photos and memories from living in Paris.
So lockdown or not, we've had a ball sharing our love of Paris. Thank you all for being a part of it. Now here's one of my favourite Paris scenes ever.... Enjoy! 


Mae Travels said...

Yes, yes, yes! Everyone was so creative in thinking of ways to remember Paris (not counting Kwarkito who IS there so he doesn't JUST remember but also experiences it). I plan to continue following the bloggers who participated so enjoyably.

be well... mae at

Mel u said...

Thanks so much for hosting this. I enjoyed learning how Paris has impacted writers from all over the world. Great event.

Tamara said...

Thanks Mae and Mel Uu. Lovely to spend a month with you in this unusual Year

Marg said...

Thanks again for hosting Paris in July! I enjoyed this year!

Jeanie said...

I loved Paris in July this year. There were so many innovative posts and I reall loved the diversity of topic. Thank you so much for hosting. I'll have to check back and see what mght have been posted after my last visit!

Tamara said...

Mary and Jeanie.. always a pleasure to share July with you.. and you always bring new insights and colours of Paris to the stage.

Lisbeth said...

Many thanks for hosting. As always it was so interesting to read the various posts. I am already waiting for next year! All the best to all of you. Keep the distance, wash your hands, and keep safe!

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