Sunday, September 6, 2020

Je ne sais quoi

 I define je ne sais quoi as your source of feminine power. It’s the alluring, elegant, captivating, enchanting essence of who you are, demonstrated through how you live. The appealing nature of your mindset, presence, and wardrobe are physical manifestations of your je ne sais quoi.... Devoreux Walton. 

Walton further states.....On each day and for every decision you make, you have the beautiful opportunity to make a choice. You choose what you think, say, do, and wear, which creates your lifestyle.

During July, while hosting Paris in July,  I dedicated my little reading time to to the pursuit of understanding the sense of elegance so often ascribed to french women. Waltons quote above is probably closest to my way of thinking. Elegance is the choice we make to show our genuine self to others in an intentional way. Whether thats in wearing a subtle or even not so subtle flash of colour in an Italian silk scarf or speaking out on things that matter, i believe my elegance is about being intentional, and holding poise & confidence in doing so.

Its Spring here is Australia, and I am going to share quotes here at Thyme-for-tea from my readings and ponderings about elegance. Because spring calls me to action. Its the season that asks me to be intentional again. Its the awakening after winter, and time to step out of hybernation (for me thats hidding away from responsibility for self)... Spring calls for new life, energy and passion.... 

 “L’elégance is the manner in which one does a thing.” EJ Gore from French Lessons: the art of lliving and loving well.
This book was included in my Paris in July reading pile, and one i really enjoyed. Part fiction and part journey through lifes lessons, I joined these two ladies as they wandered through different Parisian parties, musees, parks and shops, as Susan absorbed the lessons Gabrielle shared.
 Allow yourself the time to pause and savor—a glass of wine, a conversation, your child’s smile—whatever is before you, in this moment. This is the ancient privilege of princes. G.
On a matter of self disclosure, I actually dont believe elengance is about standing out of the crowd because you have a tiny wasteline, or because you wear the most expensive suit, or the highest heels.... I  am not one to care for lipstick, heels, handbags or jewells.... elegance for me is about presence.. and as i read a few light hearted books on style and fashion, the quotes i captured were about the character of elegance. 

Intentionally, i hope to destill more wisdom about elegance and poise from Paris over the next few weeks. 


Jeanie said...

I love your quest and will enjoy following along with it. I especially like what you said at the end. It isn't the highest heels or the most beautiful gown -- it's more the presence. I'll look forward to each post!

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