Saturday, August 1, 2020

Paris in July - end of the month but not the end of Paris....

Mais Je T'aime - oui, Paris, je t'aime. This is my end of Paris in July music clip... I quite like both the melody and the lyrics. 

C'est périlleux, je t'aime encoreAlors c'est vrai ça me perforeJe t'aime pesant, je t'aime bancale - I love you heavy, i Love you wobbly....Évidemment ça me dévoreJe sais tellement que je t'aime, mal

July has come to an end, and I'm in denial. It just happened so fast, all of my hopes and aspirations for Paris in July seem to have gone unfulfilled. Mais.... thank you all for your weekly contributions, your dedication to the celebration of all things Paris.... I have have really enjoyed visiting your posts and learning so much more about the Paris I love. 
Just this past week (week 5) we've caught up on
  • News of the rebuilding of Notre Dame (thanks Jeannie) 
  • tea shops and Paris's love of tea (I do love tea stories, thanks Mae)
  • films in Paris (on netflix)
  • young adult books set in Paris
  • more great books set in Paris
  • plans for parties in Paris with some very well known characters (interesting post at ReaderBuzz)
  • foodie thoughts and memories from Paris
  • ideas for dinner parties in Paris
  • crime fiction novels set in Paris
  • a really interesting review and authors history of Chava Rosenfarb by Mel U. 
Given that I am really in denial, I plan to post a Paris Encore post Sunday evening as (week 6) to allow some of us to get our last few thoughts about Paris in July up. So, come back for Paris Encore! 


Jeanie said...

I have enjoyed it all!

Lisbeth said...

Ab enjoyable month with such a variety of French matters!