Friday, July 24, 2020

Tour de France - off the course

2020, the wierdest year ever.... saw the Tour de France postponed to many fans greatest sadness.
But memories are still very real
In Australia, SBS is our free to air TV channel that every year brings the Tour to our lounge rooms. 
this year, SBS ran a whole week of Cadel Memories... 
and here's some of mine...

 in 2011 I had the pure joy and unforgettable experience of being in France for the Tour! 
it just happened to be the year Aussie, Cadel Evens won... which probably made it one of the best ever Tours in the past 10 years! 
 While the Tour de France is all about cycling, and team tactics, 
there's actually so much more about the Tour... 
its all about what happens around the race. 

 and each day of the Tour, when you're on the side of the race, you're treated to
the Caravan
which is the parade of the sponsors
where they throw their marketing trinkets and toys at you from their cars...
and you feel like a child again! 

 One of the treats of being on an organised tour, for the Tour, 
is that you can be booked into the same hotel as the teams. 
On this particular day, my room was just over the courtyard
where the race leader for the day was outside signing flags
this year, Thomas Voeckler, of Europcar, held the lead for 10 days out of 21! 

 Of course, we were riding our bikes for parts of the trip too. 
And I can declare, I made it to the top of 
Col de Tourmelet
Alpe d'huez
and Mt Ventoux! 
(not many people would guess that of me!) 

 especially in the mountain areas, 
these campervans are seen on every spare section of the race track where they can squeeze in. 
This one cheering for our Cadel! 

 Our tour itinerary, planned months in advance, made the ultimate decision in where to celebrate our final diner for the the Tour that Cadel won! 
We celebrated in style at 

 The experience was just exquisite. 
(sorry my photo's aren't great, but it was just beautiful!) 

 and we watched the sunset over Paris through these gorgeous windows! 

And how better to end the tour, celebrating the win of a great Australian Cyclist, 
than to enjoy some beautiful Parisian sweets. 
Happy Memories indeed. 

And it culminated with this moment (which brings me tears even tonight, 9 years later)


Mae Travels said...

What fabulous memories from a better time. Staying in the same hotel as some of the riders is amazing. Did you see the end of the tour in Paris?

be well... mae at

Tamara said...

Mae, of 21 stages, i was there for the last 14, and especially in Paris...and when i heard Tina Arena start singing i was one screaming Aussie in 7th heaven!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

We were in France in 2010 just before the start of the tour. How lovely that you got to enjoy this experience.

Marg said...

Wow! What an amazing experience in so many ways.

And congratulations on your cycling achievements! I am not sure I could ride to the end of my suburb which is completely flat!

vvb32 reads said...

What an amazing and memorable tour to be a part of, especially with the added cycling.

Jeanie said...

I miss the tour so much. I haven't checked to see if the reschedule next month is still on. I'd be surprised if it is. We've been watchng cycling movies in its place.

I love the memories of your trip. Now THAT would be the trip of a lifetime -- both for me but also and especially for Rick. And for me, to dine at Gare de Lyon at that fabulous restaurant -- oh, my! What a dream come true!