Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tea Thyme

Teacup and cake saucer - gift from Grandma
Teacups are pretty things, they're feminine and they seem to share experiences with us. This one was a gift to me from my Grandma a few years ago, and it seems to me, it's shared many experiences with many women in it's lifetime. I treasure this one because it so welcomely offers cake with the tea experience - and sometimes we need cake.

Bookbath recently blogged about her beautiful Christmas gift of a teacup, and it surprised me, just how many bloggers do collect teacups. I recently had brunch with a friend and we talked about this phenomenom, wondering what it is about teacups that attracts us to them. I feel certain it's their timeless elegance, ability to take us into a fantasy world of princesses, and their unconditional acceptance of us regalrdless of what state we're in. I love those qualities in a friend. I think us bloggers, should give our teacups some airspace - post a blog about your favourite or share a story about one you've known once. If it's not teacups for you, what is it?

Thanks Grandma, for this, and other special memories.


Eva said...

I love tea cups, but I don't collect them yet. I'm waiting until I have my own house! ;) Still, there's nothing like a tea party to make me feel wonderful.

Karen said...

I think it is partly that timely elegance and girlishness that draws so many of us to tea cups! I just think they are so pretty!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog OMG I started reading yours..teacups,,yes I hqave some very pretty ones and must do as you suggested and write something about them,,,then I read about your love of french..( i Love Paris!!!) and then India,,,I have been there,,and stayed in Sarnath (where Buddha is said to have turned the first wheels of Dharma) and how wonderful to do some volunteer work there.,,I would love to do that one day.,,,