Monday, January 5, 2009

New Connections

Goats on a wall. India
Goats are terrific creatures, I had them when I was a kid (ha ha) and I've always been intrigued by them. I think they have real personalities and guts to push the boundaries. The goats in the picture above are testimony to that - they're out on a pillar over a fast flowing river. they make me wonder what sort of boundaries I will be able to push this year?

My Staycation (follow link for definition) is coming to an end and I'm a bit sad about that. However during this time I have made some new connections with other bloggers I hope will be able to foster. I have added a few new blogs to my list both in the Gardening and Book worlds.

Other highlights to my Staycation, have included going to the Monet Exhibition in Sydney with a friend, Dinner with my Partner and friends on NYE, Breakfast at a local cafe near our lake, beach time, reading time (soon to blog on the completion of White Tiger), a wedding celebration and of course gardening and Blogging time. I'm happy to remember Christmas holidays 2008 as my Staycation of relaxation! Hope you have had a fantastic Christmas/NY season also:)

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Karen said...

Hi There - can't say I agree with you about the goats!
Found this blog I thought you might like