Friday, January 30, 2009

The Devil's Whisper - book review

I've finished this just in time to be included in the Japanese Reading Challenge 2 which closes Jan 31st. This was an easy read, and while I'm not used to reading mysteries, I enjoyed the story line. Miyabe presents 2 story lines here, (and I didn't realise this until the end), one good string and one bad string, one good man and one bad man. The bad man is revealed later in the story, but he's basically nasty and uses hypnosis to achieve his desires. The good man is implicated in the story as a result of an accident he caused. This then compels him to do good to the people he hurt in that accident. Eventually the bad and good story lines meet, and I wont tell you where it goes from there...

This also contributes to my current commitments to the Lost in Translation challenge as it is translated from Japanese. From a translated point of view, I cant see any inconsistencies, however, how would I know? Any idea's what to look for when reviewing a translated piece? I did enjoy reading about aspects of life in Japan, specifically Tokyo. Having visited once, I could picture the locations of some of the stories, the houses with plastic covered car ports, and train stations. I think I will enjoy reading translations for the travel possibilities, past and future.

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Bellezza said...

I agree with you: How would I know if it was translated poorly? Goodness sake, the only other language I took was French, and that's long since slipped by the wayside in my understanding. Anyway, Miyabe is a good mystery writer. I thoroughly enjoyed Crossfire and All She Was Worth, but I haven't read The Devil's Whisperer. Yet. ;)