Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting 2 New Challenges

After much consideration, I've decided to join these 2 challenges in particular (for now), although I will probably follow others involved in The World Citizen Challenge (which I think will cross over with Lost in Translation).

Operation Actually Read Bible is being hosted by Becky and has fairly open ended 'rules'. You choose which books of bible you want to read, and you set the time frames (or don't). I like these rules... SO, my challenge to self is
  • Read 4 books of the bible before end of July 2009 - Probably will be James, Mark, Ruth, and Hebrews
  • Read 1 chapter of one of those from my french bible...
  • Review the experience at the end.
Lost in Translation is being hosted by Frances of Nonsuchbook. The aim is to read six books in translation over the year (probably wont include the bible books, but they have been translated). What I like about this challenge is to opportunity to discover more of what I learnt during the Japanese Literature Challenge 2 - that there is so much to learn about different cultures. I haven't yet decided which books they'll be, but I will post about them when I've found them. I will try and choose 6 different languages of origin.

Now, on that note - it's time to sit in the garden, have a cup of tea and read. I will share with you a photo from last nights sunset from my back verandah, and another teacup.

My teacup from Jaipur, India


Karen said...

Gorgeous photos! Good luck with your challenges - and you think I am taking on too much!!!

Unknown said...

Love the teacup! Good luck with the challenges :)

Bellezza said...

I'm reading for Lost In Translation and Operation Bible Reading, too. It'll be fun to talk about those together. I left you a small token of my appreciation on my blog.