Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tea connections

One of my very favourite finds from an antique fair.

I have been reflecting on my blog, what it means to me and why I do it - mostly because I'm not attracted to it at the moment. So I've decided to make it a place I do want to visit. My new resolutions include
  • renovating the site (soon)
  • using this space to think (about challenging things)
  • and finding beautiful things to post about.
So this blog is about Tea.

For as long as I remember I've been a lover of tea, but I think the defining moment for me was when I was about 25yrs old and on a trip to the UK with my husband, I couldn't help finding teapots I wanted to bring back to Australia - I just fell in love with the English teapots and all things tea-ish. I've reflected on this a lot, and for me, that was a self defining time - trying to redefine myself in my new career (3 years out of Uni), as a new wife, and as an individual adult living away from my parents. Teapots are mature, feminine and elegant. Not a bad role model... Well obviously since then, I've taken a broader interest in the world of Tea, but its teapots that retain my interest.

So I've been looking for new tea blogs to follow. I've found some new sites but would welcome any other recommendations...
  • Tea Masters - one quote I really liked from here was this.
I like to translate Cha Xi with tea play. 'Xi' has is the same as a theatrical performance and it's something we do to enjoy. We play and we tell a story. The plot is the tea: each brew tells us something. Fragrances can disappear as quickly as the sound of a word, but the tastes can linger on as the deeper meaning of the story.

Welcome to the Isnai-TEA blog! Have you ever wondered what all the fuss over tea is about? Well, here's your chance to find out! On this blog we're going to be exploring every nook and cranny of the wide world of tea, so buckle up and get ready for an Odyssey of Insani-TEA!
  • La theiere nomade - It's in French. Here Francine blogs about books, her garden and people she shares her love of tea with. She has some really nice tea pots.
  • Liqueur de The - It's in French, and has lovely photos.
  • A Tea Addicts Journal -well - why not declare your weakness!
  • Sharing my cup of Tea - Blogger, Rich, says in his profile 'I try to infect tea love' , so I thought I'd watch this space..
  • Madame Flavour - An Australia Lady who describes herself as the Exotic Tea Lady. She sources and blends her teas for sale. I like some of her standards a lot - organic, fairly sourced, loose leaf teas, the producer is premium paid, and packaging is recyclable. on her site she says:
My interest is in creating beautiful teas that are a contribution in a small way to your day; and in enjoying great relationships along the way.
I look forward to your recommendations....

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Karen said...

I really like your thoughts about the direction you are going to be taking with you blog - and I am very impressed with your tea research! As you know I definitely share your love of all things tea - for me I think it is about a connection to comfort, good taste and all things English which I do adore! I have to put a vote in for the Madame Flavour English Breakfast tea - it is my favourite tea of the moment, very yummy!