Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Today was mothers day and I felt along way away from my mum, so I bought some her smells to my home and baked one of her favourite deserts - pumpkin pie. I was then inspired by Dolce Belleza to blog about this because she also cooked one her mothers recipes. While I was cooking I was blogging, and listening to french radio streaming from my internet. I came across some french blog sites I will keep in touch with, including Sophie at Les Lectures de Sophie.
Later in the day I had the chance to Skype with my mum, and show her the pumpkin pie I made and take her for a walk around my garden - with my new wireless internet and laptop. It was special to be able to do that today.
On the garden front - all is good - pumpkins are ready to pick, banana's are ripening, spinach is eadible and plentiful, carrots, celery, lemons, manderines, grapefruit and guava all coming in by the baskets!


Anonymous said...

I think it's so neat that you and I both baked as a way to honor our mothers. I get in a rut of thinking pumpkin pie equals Thanksgiving, but really, it's delicious any time` I'm glad that you and your mother had a change to at least see each other through the Skype-thing.

Karen said...

Your garden sounds delicious! My mum would love to have wireless internet and a laptop so that she could show me around her garden - unfortunately I wouldn't have much to show her in return!!

Tamara said...

Dolce - I'm sure cooking is a universally common bond between mothers and their daughters. Thanks for you encouragement.
Karen - we'll have to attend to your garden soon so you do have something to show!