Sunday, May 16, 2010

Le Film Francais

This weekend we have been celebrating la vie de francaise at the French Film Festival hosted by Alliance Francaise. My friend and I had tickets to see three movies, and I can say now, each one was very different.

Comme les autres (Baby Love) was about a gay pediatrician in his forties who wanted to adopt a baby and bring it up with his lawyer partner. The story unfolded the complications of relationships, the values and morals of society, and the hopes and dreams of men who want to be dads. I enjoyed this movie alot, never quite sure what the end was going to be like. I thought the ending left a little to be desired, but essentially, I liked the feel good story of dreams come true.

La Fille de Monaco (the girl from Monaco) was a light hearted film with no real purpose but to entertain. It's about an uptight lawyer who meets a sexy celebrity while visiting Monaco for a trial. He discovers a world he's never known, and the deeper he goes, the deeper he falls. The lawyers assigned body guard (the Obama look alike) went beyond the call of duty to aid the lawyer, but in the end, I think the bodyguard won. The end of this movie left me with a feeling of being entertained, but unable to explain why.

Les Bureaux de Dieu (God's Offices) was reported to be a comedy-drama, based on true case histories set in a Parisian family planning clinic. Perhaps my french was not fined tuned enough to find the 'comedy', however this movies was very engaging. Tackling subject matter normally excluded from public debate, this movie managed to ruffle feathers when released in France, I doubt it will be released more widely in Australia. Pictured here, the clinic Dr is explaining to the clients how a condom should be used. Other stories included the 40 yr old prostitute who seems to fall pregnant by the same guy frequently, but has many other clients, and the married woman who doesn't know if the babies her husbands or not. The side line story of the student counsellors learning the ropes was of interest to me (remembering my own student experiences) but these days, prompted me to think about something I could do in Paris..

Each year the numbers at the festival are increasing, which is exciting for our regional centre. The opening night was catered with local wines and Imported French Fromage, which I must say, was just one of the highlights of the festival for me. Another highlight, was being part of a community that celebrates what the French have to offer.

A la prochaine mes amis!


Karen said...

3 very different films indeed! I like the sound of The Girl From Monaco - it sounds fun. It also reminds me of one of my favourite French films - Priceless with Audrey Tatou who I adore.

Tamara said...

Oui! j'adore cet film aussi. I think Priceless is one of those you can watch over and over again. And Audrey - well who doe's adore her?