Thursday, July 8, 2021

Paris in July - Guest Post - From Megan

Laduree Paris

My friend Megan has been a long time supporter and encourager of me and my blog, and, although she would be quite humble about it, she inspires me to try cooking things I wouldn't normally consider. Megan is a brilliant cook, and my peer in gardening, and she's a dab hand at home handyman building. Here's her thoughtful contribution for Paris in July 2021. 

Hi Tamara, 

I haven’t really travelled and certainly not to Paris, but still said yes to writing a post for the annual Paris in July musings. Now that I’m turning pen to paper so to speak, I wonder what on earth I have to say that might be even a little interesting. It’s proving to be a somewhat scary exercise.

I suspect if I ever did actually travel to Paris it would happen in a similar way… a simple question “want to come?” answered with a “yes”. Then I’d do just what I’ve done now, I’d go researching. In the past few weeks  watched Paris , pulled out some of my philosophy books and reacquainted myself with a French philosopher or two and done some pondering here and there.

My pondering has me thinking I’m a intellectual snob. If I imagine myself in Paris it is sitting in cafes listening to philosophical conversations about what is real and important in life. I’d only ever listen as everyone else would be more erudite and I’d be too frightened to say anything. I thought it would be wonderful and an experience I could never have elsewhere. 

Yet when I watched Paris, the university professor who had so much knowledge of Paris and its architectural heritage was a boor. He appeared just to be showing off, so that everyone would know that he just “knew”.  I didn’t like him much. He only seemed to come alive when dancing to music with his student lover.

So while I’m not likely to go searching for a young lover if I get to Paris, I think I will do much less meaning-seeking in cafes and much more laughter seeking over a glass of wine and a dance.


And Megan, I would indeed invite you to join me one day... and you will love some of the things you'll find. Without a doubt, knowing you're love of fine chocolate desserts, I would want to take you here.... one of the most iconic places to go to for a treats ... 


Mae Travels said...

I love the dream of going to a café and discussing philosophy like the existentialists did a couple of generations ago. Such myths of Paris are wonderful. There's a great book called "The Existentialist Café" which is connected to this. My blog post about it is here:

When we actually went to Ladurée it wasn't as thrilling as the dream of it, but it was fun to see all those colorful macarons and retro decor! One of my favorite things about Ladurée (as you probably know) is that they have a big shop in the airport so you can bring home a little box or bag with the dream captured in it.

best... mae at

Lisbeth said...

Thank you for your ideas of Paris. The idea of eavesdropping in a café in Paris is a great one. Wish I could do it now, but I guess it has to be later. Would love to join you.

Marg said...

We have a Laduree shop here in Melbourne. I really should go one day. Or I will wait until we do finally get to Paris again!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'd probably sit on the sidelines and listen to the talk at the cafe, too.

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