Sunday, July 14, 2019

Paris in July - Week 3

As I recover from an afternoon of food and wine at my friends Fete de Quatorze de Juillet, many of you may just be preparing for 14th July, or Bastille Day in another part of the world. I wish you as much joy in the celebrations and I have had today. We had so much cheese & pate, followed by savory tarts, vegitable quiche, then a bouillabaisse (seafood soup),  then we had chocolate tarts, and other amazing french pastry treats. Gosh I am so full right now. It was a beautiful afternoon, bubbles, rose, white and red wine flowing for all the guests. We finished with tea/coffee and Macarons! so frenchy, so chic!  To be honest, it wasn't really about celebrating Bastille Day, although we did have the airshow on the big screen, it was more about catching up with good friends and finding a good reason to do it.
Anyway, it's time to wind up week 2 and start week 3 of Paris in July 2019.
Can I just reflect on what happened during week 2....  there were many links and crossovers this week.

Photo's and memories - le Marche aux Fleurs, Du Jardin de Tuileries, Flaner metro, and the first time trying Macarons!
Art reviews - surrealist photography by Claude Cohen (Lucy), and collections of Mona Lisa around the house. Then there was a post about Parisy-things around the house - memories and souvenirs from past trips and the book about Degas.. Mae reflected on workers in Paris history using art to tell the story.
We had one film review by Arti on A Sunday in the Country. Interestingly, Arti reflected on this film as an expressionistic cinematic painting. Linking this film with other posts that focus on expressionism.
Many books were read and reviewed - about Paris worst neighbourhoods (Mel U), world war II novels, Degas (the artist), novels and classics from Zola.  We also had summary posts about collections relating to french history, famous characters from french books, and a review of the classic french novel Madeline.
While there was one book review about great chefs (The Gourmands Way), we only had one recipe posted (by me) this week.

I couldnt help noticing there were books about art, art used to describe characters of the past, a movie that was more like art, and Zola featured in a few different posts. I wanted to call out Jackie, who recently visited France and tried Macarons for the first time! What a treat Jackie. What I love about Paris in July, is that we each remind the other of things we love, or wish to do and experience. So glad there's one more Macaron lover in the world.

Now, it's time for week 3 - remember to link your new posts in here..


Jackie McGuinness said...

Thatnks so much for the special mention, much appreciated.

Jackie McGuinness said...
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Jeanie said...

Loving PIJ! Thanks again for hosting!

kwarkito said...

What a good idea July in Paris. Thanks for hosting my paris pictures

Carola Bartz said...

I'm enjoying Paris in July so very much; it brings back a lot of great memories.

Mel u said...

Loving the event. In my post on Cheri by Colette I included a musical video that many will love.

Mae Travels said...

Such great bloggers ! Your participants are expert in so many areas -- French food, novels and mysteries set in Paris, history, shopping, collectibles, and so on! I'm totally enjoying all the contributions. I just read a newly published article with a history of Paris restaurants -- because of some of my previous reading, it's virtually all very familiar to me, but others with different experiences, will have a different view:

I have a couple more books to read, one about cooking one about the French contribution to "style."

best... mae at

kwarkito said...

Another picture from Paris for you, even if, for the first time in many years I don't spend any July day in Paris. But south of France is not so bad :-)

Arti said...

Thanks for this summary, Tamara. One correction: Impressionist. :)