Sunday, July 7, 2019

Paris in July - Week 2

Merci mes amis.... what a wonderful first week we've had in this Paris in July. My habit is to try and provide a summary of the weeks posts from across the globe, and launch the 2nd week. So despite being really busy at work at the moment, I've tried to get around and visit you all. I've really enjoyed the excitement, passion and, as we've experienced before, the diversity of posts.

Book reviews filled many of the posts this past week - love stories, world war II stories, crime books, and of course foodie books. But my favourite book post this week was Deb Nance @ ReaderBuzz and her post of favorite french stories from childhood. There were also a couple of reviews that I appreciated because they warned us... Mae posted on a disappointing read of A taste of Paris, and Becky posted on a dark and creepy book called Dark Triumph..

Photo's and Memories of visits past also featured.. I just loved Carola Bartz  post on the City of Lights - gorgeous! Junkboattravels and Kwakito also posted some fantastic images of a city we all love... please share more photos!

Shopping in Paris made it to one post - but dont we all love shopping in Paris. Jeanie went shopping for art supplies and books. What a fun way to turn your artwork into a memory... I challenge more participants to recall their shopping experiences in Paris!

I think I was the only blogger who posted on French food this week, but next week is Bastille Day, or Le Quatorze Juillet, so maybe there'll be more food and wine to post on?

Now, only one of us made mention of La Tour de France - A Strong Belief in Wicker - but I am also a lover of La Tour. We are so lucky here in Australia to have the best commentary on La Tour de France through SBS. I'm sorry those from other countries cant see it. It's just a beautiful presentation of the country of france, the race, the teams, race tastics, and we have our 'taste of the tour' show as well - featuring food of the region the race is travelling through. A strong belief in wicker and I will become a little sleep deprived because the race shows between 11pm and 1:30am on Australian TV.

Here's to Week 2 - where I will feature a post from a guest cook and we'll end with something to celebrate Le Quatorze Juillet.


Mae Travels said...

Paris in July does indeed look promising this year! I somehow have a huge stack (real and on Kindle) of books to read. I'm almost done with L'Assommoire by Zola, which I'm loving, but I always love his books which are entirely embedded in Paris of the late 19th century. I did cook something French this week -- Julia Child's recipe for gratin dauphinois -- but I've made it so many times I didn't bother to take a photo or post it.

For today's post I did something different, and I'm eager to see what other people are doing. Have a good week!

best... mae at

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm so glad you liked my post on childhood French favorites. There were so many posts last week I enjoyed---the book reviews, mention of the Tour de France, a Paris song list---but my favorite was the post about great specialty stores from Marmalade Gypsy.

Can't wait to see what this week brings!

Jeanie said...

I adore the tour and am so frustrated. I can't figure out how to work my cousin's cable at the cottage! Guess I'll follow bits and pieces online but it's not nearly so fun. Commentary will be different this year without Paul Sherwin who died earlier this year/

I hope others share shopping experiences. Long live Paris in July!

Vagabonde said...

It was fun reading the posts of your members for Paris in July. I can’t take part as I am still moving between Atlanta and Nashville. But I thought I’d do my part by giving you some information about the upcoming parade down the Champs-Elysees this upcoming 14 of July. There are always guests of honors in the parade, usually from other countries, something that Mr. Trump missed in his parade in Washington, DC.

Army General Bruno Le Ray, the military governor of Paris, presented the program for this year: the theme of the Military Parade is “Agir Ensemble” /Act Together. It will illustrate all the military cooperation that France gets with the 10 member countries of the European Initiative (IEI) – France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, The Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom. This year, the European military cooperation in all its forms will be honored. In addition there will be a company of the 3rd Infantry Regiment (Spain), the French Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC), the European Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC-E), and units of the Franco-German Brigade(BFA). Taking part: 4,298 men and women walking on foot, 196 vehicles, 270 riders of the Republican Guard, 67 aircraft and 40 helicopters, 1,200 meters of parade, 2 hours (review, parade, final.) Then there are also the grand concerts at the Champs-de-Mars, the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower and all the free balls around town.

Next time I’ll give you more information about Le Tour de France. This year le Tour started in Brussels. It was exciting to see an almost unknown rider from the Netherlands, Mike Tunissen, to win this first stage, and beat the great Peter Sagan at the finish.

Bonnie said...

I love Paris and am enjoying Paris in July. I am linking one of my Paris posts. Thank you for the party.