Saturday, July 7, 2018

Paris in July - Moving into week 2!

Week one of Paris in July 2018 has been very busy, and very diverse. It's been a delightful journey and I hope many of you have enjoyed the reminders, the learning and the opportunity to dream! Thank you to all our active participants to date, and to all those who have been visiting us.  Here's my recap on what's been happening.
I've counted 26 participants signed up so far, and while many are returnee's, we are welcoming some newcomers, which I'm very excited by.
Firstly, can I draw your attention to Bellezza's choice of Paris in July image - a gorgeous B&W

If you're interested in posts with a focus on books and book reviews - there's no shortage here - childrens stories, novels set in Paris, Paris-ish Cookbooks, and the classics. I cant go through and name each blogger and their posts - you can find their links here, but four of my favourites are

  • Louise at A Strong Belief in Wicker posted on a delightfully gorgeous children's book called Claris, the Chicist mouse in Paris. 
  • Jeanie posted on All the Light I cannot see and brought it to life with her own photo's of St Malo where the story was set. 
  • Lisbeth has prompted me to pick up a Zola novel with her post on Nana
  • Mel U - always bringing a new perspective on literature related to Paris, is introducing us to Yiddish authors. 
There have been some wonderfully inspiring visiting Paris posts as well, for example Marilyn in her post 'France Delights my Heart' which is a must visit if you love the parks and patisseries of Paris. Nancy has also been teasing us with images of Patisseries and reviews of French Wine

I would like to say one of the fun posts I enjoyed was Deb's at A ReaderBuzz where she notes that many novels set in Paris have an image of the Eiffel Tower on the cover... go look and see what research she has done! 

As for me, I did not get time to post my own Paris in July themed post, because Lisbeth made me pick up Nana, and I also picked up When Paris Sizzled, and I had to read the Tour de France racing Guide.... Maybe I'll post something special tomorrow. For those interested in Celebrating with Paris - next saturday is Le Quatorze Juillet. Many of us will try and mark the occasion in one shape or another - and I cant wait to see what people choose to do. 

Week 2 - link your posts here.New participants - I will try and notice when you join in and link your blogs to my participants list on the sidebar of my blog. 


Mel u said...

Here is my favourite Reading Paris video

The Summer I First Read Colette

Next week I plan to post on another story by a Yiddish writer, about The mistress of a high ranking policeman during The Nazi occupation who does hides her background as a Ukrainian Yiddish speaker.

Maybe also a set in Paris Short story by Paul Bowles.

Jeanie said...

I just posted on French cookbooks. I'll be reading Antoine Laurain, a series of cooking essays on Paris and maybe more Maigret!

Mae Travels said...

Finally, I've posted about my old French cooking magazines! Now I have to try some recipes from them.

best... mae at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting this wonderful link-up. I am glad I found out from another blogger because I love Paris. I posted about tea and a wonderful book I am reading set in Paris. Have a wonderful weekend!

NancyElin said...

Sunday morning and treating myself to something special from 'ma patissierie' !

Jacqui Brown said...

I've linked a France post rather than Paris, but one I hope will be useful. It is a handy guide to some of the essential rules for driving in France, especially now the new speed limits have come into effect.

Mae Travels said...

As I promised, I tried some recipes from the magazines I featured in my earlier post! And thus wrote and linked another post.

best...mae at

Mel u said...

Today I posted on a series of lectures the Polish Artist and critic (he lived in Paris for sixty of his ninety years) Jozef Czapski gave, without access to the texts on Proust while in Soviet Prison, introduced by Eric Karpeles, an authority on painting in Proust, it is one of the most beautiful and inspiring works about the saving power of literature I have ever read.

Mel u said...

I just stumbled on a great resource with over 100 books perfect for this month. On the website of The Jewish Book Council is a list of over 100 books dealing with Jews in Paris. There are novels, young adults and nonfiction listings.

French Ethereal said...

Hello Tamara! Sorry, I'm just getting a French themed post out for the Paris in July tour. :) It's called:
A Little Bit of Paris Aujourd'hui and I hope you like it. Sharing some of our past home and furnishings (and thoughts, of course!).

Happy Paris dreaming to everybody,
Barb :)