Sunday, July 29, 2018

Paris in July -I think there's another week left - week 5

Breaking News! I'm going to wind up Paris in July 2018 next weekend - 4th August - so you have a few more days to finish some of your wish lists. Its just to hard to do a wind up post mid week.

This past week has been such a delightful journey - thank you everyone for another very diverse and inspiring week. we have some reoccurring themes

  • books - ones that take us Paris, food inspired novels and recipe books, novels by Parisian Authors, books by french people for french people, short stories, and reviews (mostly by Mel U) bringing to life Authors of Yiddish background or those who experience Paris in WWII. Mae was even bold enough to post on a disappointing book about Paris. 
  • Recipes & dinners - french onion soup by Jean @ Delightful Repast was one that made my mouth water. Lisbeth hosted a french dinner, matching her wines with the menu. 
  • TV series and Films - Art @ Ripple Effects reviewed Cleo from 5 - 7, and Lisbeth @ the content reader reviewed Le Bureau des Legends airing on Swiss TV. 
  • The French Hutch shared with us her Place setting that reminded her of Franch - the Soleil and Laguiole cutlery. Beautifully representing the yellowness of french fields and sunshine. 
  • Memories of Paris - such as Sami's first visit in 1984..
I wanted to thank Sami for reminding me of some of my first memories of Paris, and other french cities. I think I'll do a post about a trip I did to Arles a few years ago. I've also been learning so much from Mel U about Paris in WWII through reviews on Yiddish or immigrant authors in Paris. Mae's review of a book about french food idioms was pretty engaging and is calling to me now.

So here we go - into our final week of Paris in July 2018! What will you focus on in these last few days? ps. I note some of you have started you 2019 Paris in July lists already.... anyone else have thoughts about that? 



Mel u said...

Thanks for extending!

Here is a quote from a long time book blogger contact.

“At a different level, the French president can, in public speeches, say things like “Who understood Baudelaire better than Walter Benjamin?” and no one bats an eye.  This is normal.- from Wuthering Expectations

This has to sadden Americans.

Mae Travels said...

I have been rushing to get all my hoped-for posts done by mid-week. Great that you have extended this fun event. Somehow everyone’s posts just have my mind rushing around Paris in space, time, and memory.

Best... mae at

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I've only posted a couple of times but have enjoyed all the other bloggers posts so very much. I'll look forward to Paris in July 2019 Please!!! Thank you for hosting such a fun event.

Caroline said...

I'm so glad I managed to join. I always enjoyed your event so much and was sad I had to miss it last year and the year before.

Louise said...

Oh thanks so much for extending. Hopefully I can get a couple more posts done, but have another big week coming up. I like to think I will at least. Of course I was hoping to participate more than I have so far. I need to get around everyone's posts too.

Jeanie said...

No guarantees but I'll try to come up with one more!I love Paris In July!

NancyElin said...

I just heard from Tamara
that #ParisInJuly has been extended until this Saturday.
Here is my LAST post…and I want to share my
French cooking experience.