Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Paris in July - Visit to Arles

My Paris in July friends, dont forget, we're live until this saturday - slightly extending July... which is giving me a chance to post some of my own memories of France. 
 In 2011 my partner and I, with two good friends, went to France for the purpose of watching the tour de France. For us, an absolute awesome year to go, because the Aussie Cadel Evens won!  When Aussies go OS, we try and make it worth the money and the 17 hour trip.. So after following the Tour de France, riding our bikes for most of the same routes as the race, my partner and I went to Montpelier to join a French Language school for two weeks. While staying in Montpelier, we did a day trip to Arles to do a walking historic tour. It was a great way to see the local historic sites. Our local guide - Jean-Jacques - played the pan pipe to collect his tour group after free time. It was like the pied piper.
Arles Arenas or Arles Amphitheater (french, les Arènes d'Arles) is a Roman amphitheatre. 
This two-tiered Roman Amphitheatre is probably the most prominent tourist attraction in the city of Arles, which thrived in Roman times. (reference
 During out walking tour, we walked along the top of the arena walls and then down into the centre. It was just amazing being surrounded by such history, and a strong connection with the roman era.
It has a shape of an ellipse. The facade includes two levels of sixty arches in arches, separated by side walls, massive of rectangular section. A wider opening points out the ends of the two axes of the monument. ................... It is estimated the initial capacity of the monument to some 21,000 people. To allow visitors to access the different stands, had developed an ingenious device of horizontal passages, and arranged alternately stairs circular galleries. (reference
We loved our day in Arles, which is also the home of Van Gogh.. 
Vincent lived in Arles in the South of France for more than a year. He experienced great productivity there before suffering from a mental breakdown.
Vincent arrived in Arles on 20 February 1888. After two years in Paris, he was tired of the bustle and demands of city life and longed for the sunshine and vibrant colours of the south. When he got to Arles, Vincent took a room at the hotel-restaurant Carrel, and later, one at Café de la Gare. In early September, he moved into the Yellow House, which he had begun using as a studio on 1 May. (reference
Here's a little clip I found which made me smile - people in Arles who are HAPPY. 


Mae Travels said...

As you say, Arles is a wonderful place! The New York Times had a travel article that featured it this morning, one of the two towns chosen for their big worldwide trip that's taking a whole year.

We enjoyed Arles very much when we were there in 2016. Did you get to see the asylum at St. Remy where Van Gogh unfortunately spent some part of his last years? A wonderful place with scenery very much like Van Gogh's paintings from that time of his life. It's also adjacent to a wonderful Roman historic site. And surrounded by beautiful countryside.

best... mae from

Sami said...

We visited Arles in September last year when we went to Marseille to visit my daughter's French in-laws. I enjoyed revisiting it with you.

Jeanie said...

I've not been there so I'm glad that you posted on this. It looks like a wonderful trip. (For us the best part, though, would be tour-related! I liked Cadel, too!).

I've loved PIJ this year. I have one more post I'll like at 10 when it goes live. And thanks for visits and comments. I'm so behind now that I'm north again but it is my favorite blog event of the year and I'm glad I've been able to participate more actively this time around!