Saturday, August 4, 2018

Paris in July 2018 - la fin!

My finale for Paris in July - and afternoon french rose! 
 Je vous remerci mes amis... I thank you all very much my Paris in July friends. I have enjoyed 2018 Paris in July so much. Every day I had a new link and new things to learn about Paris and all things French. We have all been very active, sharing our love of France,  our memories, our favourite food, authors, books, movie directors, painters, and so much more.

Hosting a blogging event is kind of like hosting a dinner party. You spend some time preparing the site, inviting the guests, setting the scene. Then after you've prepared the menu, you then spend some time in the kitchen. For me, I put some energy into calling for participants assistance - with things like the buttons. And haven't we had some great buttons to choose from this year. I particularly loved this one. But I also note some of you created your own boutique buttons - Like Mel U @ the reading life.
Designed by Lisbeth at The Content Reader
A mon avis, or in my opinion, the best part of the dinner party is the interaction with the guests, and it's much the same for a blogging event. I have loved the genuine interest and authenticity of interaction between the Paris in July guests and participants. And just as dinner parties end up with a variety of conversations happening around the table, Paris in July lights up with those different elements of conversation - from artists to their models, from recipes to the place settings, from the monuments of Paris, to the french inspired furniture in local stores, from Yiddish poets and Jewish artists escaping Paris in WWII through to memories ofliving on the street of the velodrome de hiver. We have had some deep and meaningful conversations in every corner of the room. 

Paris is certainly a city to celebrate - it's parks, green chairs, lakes and boats - through to it's patisseries and boulangeries - the wines of France through to the Creme Caramels. It's artists, musicians, composers, authors, poets, chefs and directors who engage us, challenge us and romance us.  There's so much about Paris, France to love. 

So around the table, the party starts to beak up. It's time for guests to go home, move on, and some may have to recover... They leave the room with cheers and appreciation, one by one - and having thoroughly enjoyed the company of like minded friends for another month long 'dinner party', the guests remark.... 
encore! jusque' a prochaine fois! meme temps l'annee prochaine?  
Bien sure, mes amis - peut-etre une autre fois.... 2019.

There's no more mr Linky - but we'd love to stay in touch.  If you're still to post your Paris in July Wrap Up - you could link it in the comments here. And as with all good dinner parties - this host has a little cleaning up to do. I hope to add this years participants list and summaries into my Paris In July page (TAB at top of my blog)  as a collection for 2018's Paris in July memory. 

Dont you love to pop into your favourite sweet or Gelato place after eating too much at a dinner party?

A bientot!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

It was great fun to join in! I read blogs, posted twice and loved it all! Merci!

Mae Travels said...

Thank you for all you did to make this a remarkable blog event! I enjoyed every minute.

best... mae at

Mel u said...

Great fun. Thanks for hosting. See you in July, 2019,God Willing.

Mae Travels said...

My reaction to a month of reading and writing about France was to read a book by an African-born writer!

best... mae

Lisbeth said...

Many thanks for hosting Paris in July this year again. I really enjoyed it. I had a friend visiting from Australia the last week, so therefore not so many posts. I did a last one today about Nana, and you find it here:

Many thanks to all of you who participated. It was a pleasure to meet old friends and new, with many interesting posts on a variety of thing. Paris feels much closer now. Hoping to see you next year.

Jeanie said...

As always, I have loved Paris in July this year and even had a bit more time and connectivity to visit a few more spaces. I'm always intrigued with the individual spin everyone puts on their posts and grateful for their visits to mine. Thank you so much for hosting! Onward! Next year I might even be able to report on my October visit!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I love your metaphor; yes, Paris in July is like a lovely dinner party, with lots of wonderful guests and conversations and food. Thank you so much for hosting this event.

Brona said...

What a wonderful way to describe our time with Paris in July! It was a true feast with great company & lots of stimulating discussion. Thank you so much for the hostess with the mostess 😁
& I’ve written your name on my dinner card for next year.

Anonymous said...

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