Sunday, August 26, 2018

Out to conquer and achieve my goals

So despite the rain, despite the long list of chores to do, despite the hubby being less than inspired, I am pretty happy with myself. I have been trying to increase my total kms each month since I got home from a month in India in April. Winter doesnt help my motivations, and my working commitments have been the only numbers rising in my life. I find that ive been working 9-10 hrs alot of days, leaving less hours in a day to fit in my walking, cycling and swimming goals. Im going to take charge of this...

While my career is somewhat important at this stage in my life, I'm also very aware I need my good health. And that takes work.

I've set some goals to get me motivated, some of the goals are based on how many kms I can walk per week/month, how many kms I can cycle (including hills) per week or month, and how many sessions I get get to the pool. My ultimate goal will be to complete a nearly 200km community ride at the end of January 2019, as part of the Tour Down Under.

Work will just have to stay within its boundaries. Especially as I am about to go back to uni to finish the final subject of my MBA. ..... managing time is always a challenge.
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Jeanie said...

When I was working I worked in a deadline-driven business and I've found that not only professionally but personally, I require a deadline. Otherwise I get carried away by things that are more fun. In a way, a goal is a deadline, too -- maybe not time sensitive but task sensitive. Good luck with all of yours. You sound highly motivated and that's a big part of it all!

Saimi said...

Good for you!! I'm a firm believer in a good work out, staying active and eating healthy. I have no doubt you will reach your goal you sound like a very determined and motivative person!
Keep up the good work!!