Monday, July 16, 2012

Paris in July - Week 2 Wrap Up

Voila! Here it is - your wrap up for week 2, and what a week it's been in our blogging event! We have, I think at last count, over 45 participants in this years event - and it seems like that number is growing each week. It's so exciting what people are choosing to with Paris in July.

Now, I have to apologise, because my work is consuming so much more of my time that I like, it means that i haven't had time to visit and comment on everyones blogs - but I have been to some 30 something posts in the past few days and I'm impressed. So I'm going to wrap up with a quick summary of some of the different posts we've seen, I'll make some recommendations for posts that you must check out, and of course, I like to choose a prize winner...

Book Review Posts
- Sarah's Key, by Lil Bit Brit
- Tender is the Night, by Lakeside Musings
- Chocolat, by Bookbath
- L'Assommoir, Zola, by Books and Chocolate
- Three books about Paris, by Words and Peace
- Death of a Detective, by a Hot Cup of Something
- Paris in Colour, by Dolce Bellezza - ******Highly Recommended Post
- The Last Asset, by Books as Food

Film Review Posts
- a film about Mozarts Sister, by My Spring Snow
- Seraphine, by Ripple Effects  ******Highly Recommended Post
- 400 Blows, by CB James

Photo Stories
-  several photo posts by Chocolate and Croissants, including this one, Le Creperie
- Literary Relish
- Temptations by Paris and Beyond
 - daily photo posts by Paris through my lens
- Le Tour Eiffel, by The Marmalade Gypsy
- Photo's from Paris by a readers footprints   ******Highly Recommended Post

Travel Blogs
- have you ever visited the animal cemetery in Paris? Bibliolathas did.  ******Highly Recommended Post
- Bastille Day memories, by Letters from a Hill Farm

Cooking Reviews
- 14 Julliet and memories of eating, by And Anyways

- 10 most delicious French Cheeses, by Bea's Knees   ******Highly Recommended Post
- the Little Paris Kitchen, by Anglers Rest

For me, the winning post this week was the beautiful photo posted by Paris and Beyond on July 12. So, Jeanie if you send me an email, I'll send through your prize!

Again, an awesome week - keep up the interesting posts on Paris. (and I'm sorry If I didn't get to visit you this week, there's still a few more weeks!)


Louise said...

The diversity of posts for Paris in July is quite outstanding- so many different approaches, and so many aspects of Paris to highlight. I'm devoting more and more time to it- I'm sure we all are! Posts about two memoirs, toys and the tour from me this week.

bibliolathas said...

I'm loving reading everyone's posts, and thank you for the 'highly recommended' for the pet cemetery post.

Ellie said...

I've got really behind this month and only just started my Paris in July reading, if only life wouldn't get in the way!

Paulita said...

Thanks for keeping track all of the interesting posts on France. I'm lovin it - oh, that's McDonalds, not France!

Marg said...

Are we leaving our links on this post for this week? If yes, I have a post about some bookish places in Paris

and my visit to the Napoleon exhibition

Bea said...

Hi Tamara,
Thank you so much for mentioning my post and recommending it to your readers! The Bea's Knees is a very new blog and your encouragement and support was really very valuable.
Loved your other recommendations too, you made it much easier for me to prioritise my Paris in July readings.Following you now!

If you liked The Bea's Knees, do visit again and follow! Thank you!

Tamara said...

Hi Marg, Yes, please leave links to you new posts here. Karen and I will make sure we double check both blogs for new postings..

Louise said...

Another review- Proust's Overcoat

Arti said...

Thanks for the special mention of my movie review. This week, I'm searching for Van Gogh in France. Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who thrived when he moved to Arles in Southern France. I've reposted an excerpt of my travelogue, with photos of Arles paired up with Van Gogh's paintings.

Tamara said...

Ari, thanks for that. I was in Arles last year and you've reminded me I could post some of those photo's too.. Its a small world.

Nadia said...

I have a review up and a post about French Favorites. Here are the links: and

I am loving reading everyone's posts!

Julie Goucher said...

Weekend Cooking - <a href="

Nan said...

Since this is my first year doing Paris in July, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to post the links to my blog entries. I left comments on BookBath for two of them. Today I wrote another and will leave the link here.

Jeanie said...

I'm loving Paris in July this year. I did before, but I've been able to visit more spots this time and love them all! Still more to visit -- Some, like me, are changing posts regularly so lots to catch up on! Merci beaucoup for the mention! (And I'm sorry Cadel had a bad day, but looks like today he made up a couple of spots!)

Lorraine S. said...

Thanks to your recommendations, I just discovered "inkyfoot" blog. WOW what great pictures for the Paris in July Challenge. Thanks.

Marg said...

Today I have shared a recipe for Poulet Cocotte Grandmere!

neer said...

Thanks for putting my post on the list. The book I reviewed was The Paris Enigma (Death of a Detective...) but my blog's name is 'a hot cup of PLEASURE' and not 'a hot cup of SOMETHING' as you have stated which frankly sounds downright dismissive.

Lorraine S. said...

Congratulations to Team Sky, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. The British are happy today and to be able to go to Paris for the weekend. A beautiful Stage 20 in Paris.

Lorraine S. said...

OOPS. Congratulations to the French riders -Thomas Voeckler from Alsace-Lorraine region-king of the mountains and the stage winners from France. What a fun Paris in July challenge and Tour de France. Now I can get back to my life (a daughter's wedding) until next year.

Marg said...

Here is my review of Until I Die by Amy Plum - a YA paranormal set in Paris

Becky said...

I finally got my first post up! Thanks for sharing all of these posts. I'll have to go check them out.

Nan said...

Just put up a poem by Rimbaud!

Cayce said...

My newest Paris in July post:

Tamara said...

Wow! Thank you all for leavng the links to your recent posts here. I'm really enjoying them all. I'll be posting this weeks review on the 30th. Keep them coming.

Tamara said...

Wow! Thank you all for leavng the links to your recent posts here. I'm really enjoying them all. I'll be posting this weeks review on the 30th. Keep them coming.