Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Place de la comedie, Montpellier
Montpellier is a lovely French city in the south, pres de la plage. I thought I would post a few photo's and memories from here because I'm in need of some summertime memories.

My partner and I went to Montpellier in August 2011 for 2 weeks of french language lessons and we loved it. I think we would both say this was one of those 'once in a life time' holidays that will be etched in our memories for ever.

Some interesting stats about Montpellier
Cost of living in Montpellier :
Expresso : 1,5 €
Fresh drinks : 2,5€
Sandwiches : 3,5€
Baguette : 0,80€
Cinema : 6-10€
Restaurant : 15€
Big Mac: 3,40€
Monthly Bus and Tramway card: 43€ (-26 years old : 32€)

There's alot of interesting things about Montpelier - something for everyone. Check out the city's website here for more details. But for me, what did I love?

I loved staying in an apartment for 2 weeks and living there. I loved waking in the morning and taking a stroll or going for a jog through the university grounds and through many of Montpelier's gardens. I loved the routine of walking to school with my partner, getting coffee from the same place each day, and learning french in a  typically french 100+ year old three story building with a circular stairwell. I loved going into the Place de la Comedie each day for morning tea and lunch, sitting with other students and practicing french with our cafe staff.

I loved the shopping in Montpelier! so easy to get lost roaming through the old and new city shops, being surrounded by the history that is Europe. I really enjoyed my afternoon walks, discovering a new gallery, a new church, all the hidden little court yard cafes.

In the evenings, we adored sitting out in one of Montpelier's may restaurant area's and eating and drinking until our bodies cried out for bed. Then off to the next day of adventure - bike riding, swimming, shopping, markets, movies and more.

Being in a university city, and going to school with other adults from around the world was also a wonderful experience. Always something to learn from others. We also had company for any possible excursion - galleries, historic walks or just going to dinner.

In memory of Montpelier !


Karen said...

You have made me want to fly there right now!!

Louise said...

Oh wow, that sounds, and looks lovely. I haven't made it to the south of France yet. Taking a two week language course sounds a perfect activity.

Jeanie said...

This isn't a spot I know but it looks so beautiful. I haven't been in the south yet, but someday. Thing about Paris -- it's hard to go just once or twice!