Monday, July 28, 2014

Paris in July - Monday Menu wk 5 (final)

Well, sad as it is, this is our final week here at Paris in July. Let's make it a great week!  This week, your hosts have the following plans
  • Monday 28th July - It's time to make your plans too, and remember to link them in below. You can always find the quick link to Monday Menu at the top left of my home page
  • Tuesday 29th July - Tuesday Travels with me.
  • Wednesday 30th July - Karen will be posting a book review - while I dont know which one - I'm sure it'll be another great review.
  • Thursday 31st July - Bellezza, Adria, Vicki, Nichole, Karen and Tamara will all be posting abit of a wrap up post....
  • Sunday 3rd August - I will do something drawing on all the posts I read as a way of finalising my experience of the event. 
Keep us informed on your posts this week by filling in each post into this Mr Linky.

Once again - thank you so much for playing with us this July...


I haven't done the weekly wrap up as I promised - but I have selected two random winners
Marina - for your mouth-watering post on the best burger in Paris....
and Mae - for your honest reminder about the current state of affairs in 'Paris Burning'
--- please email me your details so I can send you a little pressie. My email is on my "about me" page.


Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

Looks like a good week with lots of energy!

Ally said...

I was just thinking that this is the final week of the challenge :(
Anyway, I posted last week a short review of a book I read in French and I will be posting tomorrow a review of a French movie I quite enjoyed at the weekend. Bonne lecture! :)

Mae Travels said...

HI -- Thank you so much for selecting my blog post; I received your comment. Unfortunately, your "about me" page (as linked on your sidebar) doesn't currently list your email address to which I could send my snail mail address. I can't find any full description linked from your blog, just your lists of blogs and location.

I'm reluctant to post personal details in a comment. If you send another comment to my blog, including the email, I'll answer you, but not post it on the blog (I have my blog setup for pre-clearing comments before they appear) as I assume you also do not want it posted for all to see.

Jeanie said...

Hi Tamara,

I'm posting on "Making Music in Paris" -- a little classical, a little do-it-yourself, a little opera... Stop by!