Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paris in July - winners (round 1)

As I promised last week, I have an early bird prize for 1 lucky (maybe 2) Paris in July participants who posted about the experience or put up the button. Of the, now over 30, participants registered, I found 19 have posted or put up a Paris in July button. Thanks to all of you who have done this.

All the posts were just so exciting to read, as you've talked about what you want to read, what movies you want to see, and even what exhibitions you'll go to... It's going to be a very diverse range of posts we'll be seeing during July - now only days away!!

Before I announce a winner, I'd like to mention a few of the posts that have some good recommendations for the experience.
So the winner (drawn from a hat) is Amy at Timeless Romance! and because I have another prize to give away - our second winner is Chasing Bawa.

Karen and I will be reviewing the blogs of all who have registered and anyone else who wants to join, each week. So we have more prizes to give away.... Bon Voyage!!


Bellezza said...

Hooray for Amy and Chasing Bawa! I loved Frances' post too, it reminded me to check around my own home for books I have on the French theme as well as adding to those I'd like to read.

mel u said...
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mel u said...

Hi I just posted my plans for Paris In July-great event and I am planning to read a 19th century French short story ever week in July

Electra said...

Thanks for your kind words! I can hardly wait too. Oooo, I wish I could go to Paris, but that will have to wait for another lifetime. I can speak French though! lol

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

I just finished watching the movie "Paris, je'taime." There are 20 directors who get about 5 minutes each (incredible directors like the Coen brothers and Gus Van Sant). I loved it -- I would highly recommend!

Anonymous said...

I received my prize today and it's amazing! Thank you so much and I'll be posting a picture of it soon.