Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tea and Toast

Flamingo Mug from Sacramento, Ca
Today I enjoy tea and toast on my back varandah with my dogs, over looking a slightly neglected lawn and garden. I was called away at very short notice on Feb 19th by an organisation I do voluntary work with, and after 11 days away I returned home last Sunday only to be back at work Monday. This weekend, and my tea and toast, has been long over due in my book. I love this mug, which I purchased on one my trips to visit one of my best friends in California. The mug is slightly quirky with it's Flamingo's but very comforting in it's shape and size. It's just what the dr ordered this morning.

So later today, I will review the book Frida's Bed, provide some garden updates (including news about banana's) and review the blog improvement project. I am also looking forward to catching up on some of your blogs, which I missed during my absence.

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Karen said...

Great to have you back! xox