Sunday, March 22, 2009

Potatoe Peel Pie and 44 Scottland St

I have recently finished a couple of nice reads. Thanks to Karen, who loaned this to me. I dont have much more to say about this lovely story, except I agree with other bloggers who have done extremely good reviews. See Bookbath, A Readers Journal, Farmlane Books, and A Fondness for Reading.

Another easy and fun read, 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. This one I will send to my niece, who should be studying, but is easily distracted by anything related to her up and coming trip to Edinburgh to go to uni. Again, many other good bloggers have reviewed this and all I can say is I dont like Bruce, I do like Pat and Dominica, and I think Irene should go to therapy herself. I still dont know where the car is, who the Edinburgh Society is, or if the painting is a French Impressionist, or Bearties impressions of where his car is?????


Karen said...

I completely agree with you about Bruce but Pat was way too sappy for me!!

Booklogged said...

So glad you enjoyed Potato Peel. It's one I have shared with my mom and my daughter.