Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garden Updates

Our resident Kookaburra sits on the clothes line waiting for something to pop up out of the garden for lunch. We're very lucky to have these friends in our suburban garden, because they help us manage bugs like the solder grub that can destruct a lawn in 24 hours.

This weekends gardening activities are concentrated on garden recovery. Last weekend my partner had some friends around to play chainsaws. They radically pruned the 15 meter Jacaranda that was blocking the sun and rain from the garden area. This also involved rearranging the hills hoist clothesline (as pictured above in it's pre- altered state) and crushing the gardens dog-proof fences. I cant fix the clothes line, but I have fixed the fences and cleaned up the other garden plants affected by the event.

I notice this morning that the banana (single) that my partner brought inside last week has now turned yellow, so I'm off to look at how the rest of the bunch is going after this blog.

This weeks pickings included: carrots, zucchini, rhubarb, beans, spinach and bok choy and fruits - guava and icecream beans (inga bean). Sadly while this looks like a great list, none of my vegies are looking full bodied or healthy. I have to do some research on what to feed the garden at this time of year.

This weeks gardening hopes:
  • To plan my brocoli, bok choy and beetroot seedlings into the renovated garden area
  • To replenish the garden with compost
  • To gather beans, carrots, spinach and bokchoy for this weeks menu.
Sorry there's no pictures of the garden this week - it looks shocking after the chainsaw masacre. Nest week will be better.

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