Monday, October 6, 2008

The Shack

The Shack is a book about the character of God, about the relationship of the Trinity, and about one mans search for meaning. The main character is searching for the joy of life after loosing someone very special to him. Its a story that reflects many peoples life journey of pain, heart ache and loss. Accumulated pain affects us all, and for the main character of the book, he was struggling to see through the clouds. He was angry at God, confused, and wondering if there was a god at all. Through interaction with God, (best to read the book to get the full story), he gets to see God face to face, and rediscover the meaning of relationship with God. Many myths about the character of God are challenged in this story. While, disappointingly, I felt the story represented a very western view of God, I did appreciate that some of the common questions about the character of God were addressed. I thought the author was able to express his own vision of God through this very engaging story. Recommended for anyone who wonders about a God who intervenes.

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