Monday, October 6, 2008

Lazy Mornings in Spring-time rain....

Our Lake, where we'll have breakfast this morning
We have a public holiday today, and my partner and I promised ourselves some time together and one of our favourite things, breakfast out. Sill as the spring-time rain falls, I was inspired to get up before him and take the time to meditate on the beauty around me. I love to listen to the magpies croon, the kookaburras laugh, and the flurry of birds through the neighborhood trees, as the rain brings a newness and stillness to this place. my dogs are curled up, snug in their beds, wondering why Im up and if they have to get up too - not yet. This is my time alone, to think, reflect, and enjoy my tea.

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sunshine girl said...

Tamara I love the blog. I want to do one. Your life sounds so tranquil. I think it is interesting how you refer to Peter as "my partner". I read His Dark Materials also. I really enjoyed it. Much better than the movie. I'll send you an email here soon. Keep blogging. I really enjoyed seeing this little glimpse into your life.