Saturday, October 25, 2008

Peach Party!

Well, it's the glorious weekend again! This morning I strolled around the garden to observe what's been happening while I've been working this week. Lettuce is about to go to seed - time to get some new ones in for summer, snow peas are slowing down - time to feed them, celery is loving the current weather patterns, and the Peaches are starting to fruit. Last year we had two peaches off the tree, this year 100's. Where I live we have to take particular care to control fruit fly - which of course I try to do organically. This year I'm trying a new product that smells like Vegemite. Last year (with only two peaches) I was able to put a bag on each one and watch them grow safely.

Today's activities will include fruit fly spaying, weeding, fresh planting, and cooking up the new batches of gooseberries and rhubarb. But before I get out to the garden, I have coffee with a book-buddy at the local Borders Bookstore. We'll see what hits the reading list for the next month.

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Karen said...

Peaches always make me think of summer holidays - my grandparents orchard was packed with them around the time of my birthday and I always got a case (or more!) to eat to myself!