Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chez Moi

I'm fantasizing about living in France one day. I have been learning french for four years, visited France several times, and when I can, I'll read about France. The title 'Chez Moi' was appealing to me - it's french!. The caption on the front was enticing: Chez Moi will give you cravings. you can't eat the book, but do read it. It's full of tasty pleasure and zero calories.

I wouldn't worry about the calories... the story of Myriam will help you burn calories. She frustrated me with her nurotic wanderings and mid-life crisis ponderings. There were no real descriptions of food to make my mouth water, and none of the 'tasty pleasures' promised on the cover.

Strangley enough - by the end of the book, I was engaged in Myriam's story, but then it ended all too soon. Did she wonder off with her ethnic lover, or stay in the restaraunt? I dont know. Read it if you're patient, or nurotic yourself.

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Unknown said...

learning to speak French is on my things I want to do list..